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 Looking for a new Team Member. January 27th, 2008 Posted by: MottZilla
 We are still here and commited to the project. However we could use some help by getting another team member onboard. We could use someone who is familar with tiled graphics and map creatation. I could use help with getting the Acts mapped out and it would help move the project along. If you are interested please goto the forums and post or private message me.

 New Beta Release. December 13th, 2006 Posted by: MottZilla
 Well it's finally here. I've been quite busy with various things but here and there I've had time to work on NGIV. I cannot be certain what all is new or changed from the last public demo. One feature that I do know is new is the Dragon Sword which is the sword Ryu carries on his back. It is not entirely complete however, as it's behavior will likely be altered later on. But for now you can play with it. It's mapped to game button D. There are no doubt other changes and general improvements that I can't tell you what they are because I did not keep track of changes or new additions. Now head on over to the Downloads Page.

 Status Update. September 29th, 2006 Posted by: MottZilla
 It's been along time since I posted an update. I just wanted to let everyone know that progress is still being made and that a new demo should be available in the very near future.

 Downloads Uploaded Again. June 24th, 2005 Posted by: MottZilla
 I forgot the downloads were offline so I have finally remembered and gotten around to re-uploading them. Check the downloads page if you need to get them.

 Things Back On Track. April 29th, 2005 Posted by: MottZilla
 Things are back on track. The projet continues onward.

 Game Over. April 22nd, 2005 Posted by: MottZilla

 Release 041006. October 6th, 2004 Posted by: MottZilla
 This release is not a patch. It includes everything except the Intro data and Music files. Those are the exact same as the ones used for 041001 which will remain for download till they change. So if you already downloaed the music and intro, there is no need to download them again. So here is the "core" file which includes everything else. What's new? Various smaller things, one thing to note is the new art Vac Blades.

Ninja Gaiden IV Demo 041006 Core (Zip 827Kb)
Ninja Gaiden IV Demo 041001 Music (Zip 0.99MB)
Ninja Gaiden IV Demo 041001 Intro Data (Zip 289Kb)

Required RunTime Libraries.

 Going to Sort Things Out. October 5th, 2004 Posted by: MottZilla
 Because of several various patches since the last full release download I am hoping I'll have time to release another full download package which will also fix the latest bugs and include additions since then. Possibly later tonight, maybe not until tomorrow.

 One Whole Year. October 2nd, 2004 Posted by: MottZilla
 I just realized that the C/C++ rewrite for NGIV is now a year old! It's come quite a ways since then. Looking back at what was titled c++ demo 1.. There was no sound, the old dark blue BlitzBasic title screen. All the graphics were loose. You couldn't do anything but run, duck, jump, and slash. You were in a tiny room that scrolled. Although I'l have liked to have more done after the 1 year mark, what we have done now is quite good, and only getting better. =) 2 more arts have been added, I guess that was after the last patch that I posted here. The spinning swords and vac blades. Who knows what will be done in another year. Hopefully everything. ;)

 Another Patch. October 2nd, 2004 Posted by: MottZilla
 There was a bug with the tile animation system. This has been resolved. Katana is slightly improved. Other little things. Phantom Doubles can be obtained now in the tower level. ;)

Ninja Gaiden IV Demo 041002 Patch

 Quick Fix Patch. October 2nd, 2004 Posted by: MottZilla
 There was a bug involving checkpoints. This has been resolved. Simply overwrite your old ngiv.exe.

Ninja Gaiden IV Demo 041001 Patch

 Long Overdue Release! October 1st, 2004 Posted by: MottZilla
 Obviously it's been way too long since the last public release. Since then alot has changed and been added. Too much really to list it all. A few things, Phantom Doubles although they are not displayed in the demo yet, I'll release a training map update that lets you use them alittle later on. Then ofcourse, the training map is new. Some graphics overhauling was done. Tons of engine tweaks. You now respawn alot closer to where you died in the normal game, rather than the very beginning of the level.

Because I'm still stuck on 56k, the release was uploaded in 3 parts. Part one is the core. Part two is music. Part three is the intro data. Download them all and use a program like winzip or winrar to extract them all to the same location. If you do this correctly it will automatically put the music in the music subfolder. However you might need to move INTRO.DAT into the GFX subfolder yourself. If you get an error please read the LOG.TXT that is generated. It will be in the main folder with your executable.

Ninja Gaiden IV Demo 041001 Core (Zip 768Kb)
Ninja Gaiden IV Demo 041001 Music (Zip 0.99MB)
Ninja Gaiden IV Demo 041001 Intro Data (Zip 289Kb)

Required RunTime Libraries.

 C++ Demo 040402 Release Day! April 2nd, 2004 Posted by: MottZilla
 It's not quite what I wanted to have for the first public release of the C++ engine. Still it's playable and fun. Has a level to complete. About 4 enemys. But because of certain things that I did not have done in time, you can be sure to see update patches in awhile.

Now, since this is the first release of the C++ version you MUST download the Required RunTime Libraries. Incase you might already have them, they are Allegro 4.0 (alleg40.dll) and Fmod (fmod.dll) dated Sept 16th 2003 or newer.

Once you have that, you can go ahead and download the demo. (FileSize 1.6MB) ;)

Please post comments in the forum and post any questions or comments. Also, do not modify the contents of the game as it will be prone to crashing as I have not had time to add any error checking. Can't think of anything else to say for now...

  Getting there.. Mar. 25th, 2004 Posted by: MottZilla
 I've been picking up the pace. I've rebuilt the Tower of Lahja for the most part. I'm working now on implementing the bosses structures so I can reimplement Katana. Once he's back, I'm going to add in the enemys that are supposed to be in the tower. Probably do some more polishing of the tower before a demo release, but hey we are getting there!

  Ouch.. Mar. 22nd, 2004 Posted by: MottZilla
 Guardian pointed out to me that it's been over a year since the last demo was released. What's worse is the demo was still the blitz basic version. Anyways, you can bet that I plan to fix this soon. So expect the first NG4 demo in C++ to be released before May I promise, but hopefully sooner than that. It all depends on how certain things go. I'd really like the demo to be fun, quality, and not rushed. That's the main reason I've not released any demos since Blitzbasic was dumped. So, keep an eye on this page as well as the Forum.

  Ninja Gaiden Xbox Released Mar. 7th, 2004 Posted by: MottZilla
 I know it's been forever since I updated this page but I've been busy as the rest of the people involved have been. I thought I'd break the silence with first mentioned NGX's release. NGX is absolutely the best Xbox game I've played. It was the reason I bought my Xbox. I think they did a great job with it, worthy of being called Ninja Gaiden. I've not finished the game yet or unlocked anything, but I hear Ninja Gaiden 1-3 are unlockable. There are probably some other goodies too. I'll get to them eventually, but I'm taking my time, plus the game is a challenge. Not simple hack and slash, lots of skill involved.

And because of this, I've been inspired to get back to worth on the Ninja Gaiden IV game engine. Probably the first thing I'll do is implement my animation system for the backgrounds. Anyways, for now people, you should rent and/or buy Ninja Gaiden for Xbox. It really really really rocks.

  Still Alive Nov. 23th, 2003 Posted by: MottZilla
 I checked to see when the last time I updated this page was, and I decided I should let anyone reading this know the project is still going. It's somewhat of a slow time as far as development goes but things will pickup eventually. At this rate I am aiming to get another demo out as soon as possible. As always if you are just finding us now, you can download the old Blitz demo off our download page. 

  Updated Requirements Info And Some More News Oct. 9th, 2003 Posted by: MottZilla
 For awhile now I've been getting pretty far with rewriting the engine in C++ and the people involved in NG4 development have been seeing a few tech demos. I'm pretty happy with how Ryu is coming along as well as everything else. Things are going well. I also updated the requirements/download page. No new release yet. 

  What's Happening Sept. 27th, 2003 Posted by: MottZilla
 I know it's been way too long since a site news update but here it is. If you have been following the forums you may have figured out what the dry spell was. Recently we have all been busy, and on my end I've been working on my C++ programming skills. It's going quite well actually. I've gotten alot further than I thought I would in such little time. So why am I posting this just now? Because today I started rewriting Ninja Gaiden IV from BlitzBasic to C++. It'll take awhile to get back to where I left off with blitz. While NG4 was fairly incomplete in depth it was still quite a large amount of code that I must now recode entirely. It should be fun. As always, feel free to post at the forum. 

  W.I.P. Update July 13th, 2003 Posted by: MottZilla
 Another  W.I.P. update. Tile map news, Ryu tweaking, etc. 

  W.I.P. Update June 27th, 2003 Posted by: MottZilla
 Another  W.I.P. update. I hope to work alittle faster while I can. No word on the next demo, yet. Soon though perhaps. =)

  W.I.P. Update May 28th, 2003 Posted by: MottZilla
 I have done many things since the last site update. Go read about it on the forum or the Work In Progress page.

  W.I.P. Update May 3rd, 2003 Posted by: MottZilla
 I have worked a bit more lately. I finished up lose ends on the map linking code. This will allow more disverse linking of maps. I'm also preparing to implement the fire wheel arts (invincible and regular). Oh and another thing, I've done a few things to cut down VRAM usage, in non-640x480 modes. I only recommend 640x480 mode to those whom can't run any other mode, or have a fast PC like myself and wish to take advantage of the scanlines blitter. Otherwise you are better off using the regular 320x240 mode. I'm going to look into more things to free up video ram later on. Afterall, it's kind of silly to be using near 4MB of Video ram (that's 32MegaBits for graphics!) Right now it's back into the 2-3MB range with non enhanced modes. Later on, after i implement a tile mapped system, VRAM usage should drop considerably.

 Once the full score of enemys and bosses is in, I'll probably have to change things from where they are now, so that all the enemys aren't loaded at once. So anyway, head on over to the forum.

  W.I.P. Update April 2nd, 2003 Posted by: MottZilla
 I finally got back to work on NG4. I had taken a bit of time off from it messing with the idea of a Zelda II clone. Till I have the time to kill to effectively reproduce link's movements it's on the back burner so to speak. Anyway, please read the latest NG4 related progress on the W.I.P. page.

  Release 030312. Posted by: MottZilla
 This release has some more optimizations, code cleanup, etc. The map format is slightly modified. Also the game is now distributed in a Self Extracting Archive due to a few people not knowing how to properly unzip the zip archive. You can still open it in WinZip if you right click the archive and goto Winzip > Open in WinZip. If you want details on optimizations please read the forum. Goto the download section to get version 030312.

  Release 030221. Posted by: MottZilla
 Since Gaming Universe moved to a new server, the site wasn't up to date, so I decided to release again. In this release, there are a few new commandline switches, and the configuration program is now inside NG4, eliminating the extra download. This is a full release as well, so just download and unzip.

  Release 030219. Posted by: MottZilla
 This release has certain optimizations in place. This should help lower end machines. Also, selective frame skipping have been added. This is better than my original frameskip code, which wasn't released. The original code would make the game not very playable at maximum frame skipping. However with this new selective frameskip, the game is still playable, even at maximum frameskipping, which renders only 18 frames a second. Please if you have a lower end pc, and don't normally get 60FPS, try out the frame skipping, and post your opinion at the forum. Go to the download page to get the new executable. Please note, it's a "lite" release, so you must have the last release already, and extract the new EXE over the old one. If you need help post at the forum.

  W.I.P. Update Feb. 19, 2003' Posted by: MottZilla
 I have updated the W.I.P. page about frameskipping. Alexmax I believe wanted this.

 Demo 030204 Feb. 4, 2003' Posted by: MottZilla
 It's release time again! This release requires a new Config program which is much much nicer. It also supports the new resolutions I mentioned in the W.I.P. page. I would greatly appreciate it if people would report their frame rate results when using 640x480 with, and without scanlines. Also report your CPU and Video Card information. Post it on the forum. Anyway, goto the downloads page and download the new demo and config program.

 W.I.P. Page Updated Feb. 4, 2003' Posted by: MottZilla
 I've updated the W.I.P. page with some of my latest work. Check it out here.

 Paralex Map Pack Feb. 1, 2003' Posted by: MottZilla
 I didn't finish paralexing all the windows of the tower till today. You can download the paralexing level maps pack here. This will make floors 1 - 4 have correct paralexing backgrounds. Floor 1 did have paralex in the last release though through a nasty/large bmp. This download includes map files and graphics for floors 1-4.

Again, you can download the paralex map pack here.

 Demo 030201 Released! Feb. 1, 2003' Posted by: MottZilla
 I have released demo 030201 just now after making sure the zip contains all the needed files and deeming it polished off enough. You can get the demo from the downloads section now. No new config program is needed for this one.

 What's New in this release?

 * Fixed Video Memory Leak
 * Paralexing Background Effect
 * Twilight Lahja Tower
 * Alt+X in game for fast shutdown

 Please read the readme.txt for further details. Comments, Suggestions, Problems, please post these on the forum.

 Screenshots, Downloads, and Contact Sections Jan. 31, 2003' Posted by: MottZilla
 I have finished putting up most of the site sections. The downloads are working and tested ofcourse. I have put together a collection of screenshots for anyone to see. And ofcourse, the contact page is up, which currently only have my contact info, as I haven't asked Guardian or Nightstalker if they'd like any contact information posted. For now if you want to contact either of them you can do so through our forum.

 Finally a decent website! Jan. 31, 2003' Posted by: MottZilla
 I decided to spend some time throwing together a working and useful website for NG4, as waiting and waiting so far has not had any result in producing a website. I'll try to get some sections up and such soon.

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