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Author Topic: Altairian reviews: Warcraft 3  (Read 817 times)

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Altairian reviews: Warcraft 3
« on: July 26, 2002, 04:14:31 PM »
know that this IS a blizzard game, so i wont be easy on it in the least. after all, such a company i hold up to really high standards.

~Warcraft 3~
Graphics: 8.5/10
Realistic, fantasy-like, and VERY much 3 dimensional.  I was expecting something resembling a medival starcraft, but this differs greatly.  the world is actually 3D in this game unlike any of its counterparts.  my only complaints are the lip synching, and that some of the sprites look hollow.  That, and they screwed up on my favorite fantasy creatures (they look like winged lions with huge black noses, definitely a step down from the WC2 gryphon riders -.-; )
Sound: Divided for several reasons
~Music: 4/10
The music cant possibly disapoint you, or get on your nerves for this reason; WHAT music?! even with the volume turned all the way up, you can barely hear the music, and even then, you'll be so absorbed into the game that you wont care. not that special if heard, but not much of a problem.
~Sound: 9/10
The sounds are realistic, and reminiscent of warcraft 2. the sounds you hear when clicking on a single being too much are also just as comical as the WC2 and starcraft voices.
"U-N-D-E-A-D, find out what it means to me."
Gameplay/Balance: VERY divided, has its good points, and its utterly crappy points.
~New units and such: 9.5/10
Definitely a step up from starcraft's system, the units have about 5 times as much HP as before as to calculate more exact damage, and each race differs, much more than any of the starcraft races ever did. also, the heroes are there, and though overpriced, are a significant addition to this, ESPECIALLY at top level.
~Difficulty/Balancing: 5/10
This is where it gets a bit ugly, until the orc and night elf campaigns, most of the missions are either too easy, or too hard, and in the wrong order too (the 1st undead mission, in short, is trying to kill off/evade several guards using a couple of weak units and a puny level 1 hero.), but it balances off later on, luckily.  The other real balance tweak is the low food limit (90 food max, and the food costs are similar to the starcraft energy costs, aka. 2-5 per unit, 1 for resource gtherers), which wouldnt be TOO bad, except theres NO limit to the amount of buildings one can have, meaning 200+ defense towers might be a good strategy.
Storyline: 10/10
As far as i can tell, this would make a good series of fantasy novels, the plotline is suprisingly complex, and little story tweaks like the night elves come out of absoloutely nowhere when needed.  what else is there to say? this has references that date back all the way to Warcraft 1, and 10000 years before then.  it also tells how/why the orcs came to try and slaughter the humans in the first place (not revealing, as that would be a spoiler)
Replay Value: 10/10~, custom missions, the campaign maker, need i say more?  Also, if the ending to this is what i think it is (i havnt gotten to the end yet), then it has expansion pack written all over it.

Difficulty Values (these arent quality ratings. 1 = for infants, 10 = nearly impossible even if your using all the cheat codes... )

Human Campaign: 1-3.5
I *SERIOUSLY* wish blizzard would quit forcing us seasoned veterans to play through the tutorial missions before playing the real thing...

Undead Campaign: 2-7, with the 1 of the '7's in the worst possible place.
Again, tutorial, but not as bad as the human campaign. this one is fun, though easy, and the last mission will take most anybody 3 tries or more to complete. problem is, the first mission is just as bad, but for different reasons

Orc Campaign: 4-7 on the missions i've played, possibly 6-8.5 on the ones i havent.
I'm actually stuck on a mission for once, this offers a nice challenge, and even missions as early as the 3rd and 4th give and nice, fair though tough challenge.

Night Elf Campaign: i honestly have no idea, probably 4-10
Nothing much to say, you HAVE to play the single player campaigns in this order; Human - Undead - Orc - Night Elf
How can I put things here without a chat to quote from?

The Gaming Universe  |  General  |  General Chit Chat  |  Altairian reviews: Warcraft 3

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