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Author Topic: E3 2018: Square Enix  (Read 2729 times)

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E3 2018: Square Enix
« on: June 19, 2018, 01:10:40 PM »
Square Enix's conference was by far the shortest. It seemed like they were throwing the show together last week, knowing all year that it was coming. Keith David Williams narrated the show, so there is that.

First up was Shadow of the Tomb Raider, introduced by an intro clip from the game. Daniel Chayer-Bisson, Game Director at Eidos Montreal for the game, spoke afterward. He debuted footage showing Lara using things learned from the jungle against members of Trinity, as she struggles to save the world from a Mayan apocalypse (his words, not mine). New features like grappling, wall running, and 360 degree swimming were mentioned.

Up next was a video advertising a (new?) patch for Final Fantasy XIV, which involves Monster Hunter World, somehow being mixed in, apparently. Not being a player of the game, I was really quite lost about it, but it was there.

After that was a presentation from Michel Koch and Miguel Barbet, creative directors for Life is Strange, to introduce The Awesome Advetures of Captain Spirit. The game looks quite charming, and is a brand new story in the Life is Strange universe, and will be available to download for free on June 26 (Hmm...I have a doctor's appointment on the same day). The directors made it clear that this is not Life is Strange 2, but it will introduce characters and stories that will be a part of it. It will be available to play on PS4, XBox One, and Steam.

Following was a trailer for Dragon Quest XI. The graphics were impressive in a cartoony kind of way, and the story seems to be well prepared (from what little I can tell from a trailer, anyway). You apparently play someone that is repeatedly called "Bold Luminary," with a large number of people swearing to help defend you from the dark. Pre-orders are now available, and the game will be in stores on September 4. The game will be playable on Steam and PS4. Also mentioned at the end was a clloaboration between Final Fantasy Brave Exodus and Dragon Quest, to commemorate the new game.

After that came a teaser trailer for Babylon's Fall, a game which I could tell nothing about from the video, other than it's going to be a PS4 and Steam game, released sometime in 2019. I'll have to look into this one, more.

Next was a release announcement for a new version of Nier: Automata (Become As Gods Edition), for XBox One. It will include previously released DLC. And it will be available Hune 26 (the date of my doctor's appointment is apparently an important one! ;D)

Next was a trailer for Octopath Traveler, a Nintendo Switch game, which will be available July 13.

Up nwzt was an interesting introduction to Just Cause 4, which takes place in a fictional South American country full of beaty in many forms. But underneath the first appearances, there is a darker nature at work in the locale, with a brute private military enforcing the oppersice rule of the day. Also revealed were an impressive landscape damage engine, including extreme weather conditions like blizzards, lightning, or tornadoes come in to make everyone's day a living nightmare.
Vehicles have been improved and added on, including car transports, motorcycles, and even jet skis and microjets.
Combat is improved, as well, featuring new and improved AI on enemies, featuring several different archetypes (each with their own unique abilities). Rico's grapple has been overhauled, as well. It's been streamlined for easier use, whether you're new or not so new to the franchise, with even more tethers than ever before, and the addition of booster rockets and apparently balloons that can be used on vehicles to transport them through the air. I personally haven't played the third game, but I definitely am interested in picking this one up.
The story has been written to allow for an open world take on the game, and the graphics are tremendously beautiful. The game will be available for XBox One, PS4, and PC (including Steam) on December 4.

Following was an intriguing trailer for The Quiet Man. All that was showm realley was an intro movie with a man bringing a paper sack to an alley where three men are, at least one of which being Hispanic, telling him "wrong address!" The man sets the sack on a nearby trash can, then points at his own ear and wags his finger, to indicate that he can't hear, assumably. The men approach, he beats them down, then drops the sack literally on the face of one of the men. "More to come in August." This game is et for PS4 and Steam release.

Next was the biggest anticipated game, in my opinion: Kingdom Hearts 3. The trailer featured bits of Frozen Big Hero 6, and Tangled. Also highlighted was Elsa being forced to choose between the light and the darkness. Anyone want to buy me a PS4 so I can buy the previous games on it and finally play through them all in time to get the new game on January 29? This time, KH will be playable on PS4 AND XBox One.

Closing out the conference was a montage of footage from all games presented, as well as a thank from Keith David Williams. Oh, and apparently I've been pronouncing Enxi wrong this whole time. Williams pronounced it En-nix, not Ee-nix. Fun facts.
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