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Author Topic: E3 2018: Ubsoft  (Read 1524 times)

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E3 2018: Ubsoft
« on: June 15, 2018, 04:18:08 PM »
Ubisoft's conference was on Monday. Hitting it off with almost an hour's worth of preshow, including trivia giveaways and a small tournament for a front seat golden ticket to the show, Ubisoft was pretty hyped up by the time the show started.

In the actual show, they started with  a rather colorful performance by several different dancers representing Just Dance 2019. Nothing was revealed about the game, really.

Following that was a very emotionally raw CG movie for Beyond Good & Evil 2. Speaking for the game were Gabrielle Shrager, Narrative Director, and Guillaume Brunier, Senior Producer of Ubisoft Montpellier. The characters portrayed all had a major role in the game. Gameplay footage revealed that the game can be played solo or coop, with seamless transitioning between flight and travel on foot, with combat in both. Brunier then revealed that the team was looking to expand the BG&E universe in a way never done before. He actually called for the community to openly submit their own artwork through the Space Monkey Ptogram, which will be a collaboration effort with people of all walks to contribute to the game. Music, graphics, anything that people want to be considered. Josepg Gordon-Levitt, co-founder of Hit Record, which will be partnering with Ubisoft to make this program happen. You might also record Gordon-Levitt from a few films, too. The way that Hit Record works, according to G-L, is not so much each person uploads what they do, as much as everyone works on a thing together. It's not a contest, it's a collaboration in its truest form. Links were provided to and Bear in mind, that this is a call to artists of ALL forms. Writer, Musicians, and visual artists are all being called upon. Some results of this collaborative effort will be revealed at a new event called BGEfest in Montpellier this fall.

Next up was Justin Kruger, Community Developer for Rainbow Six: Siege. He was happy to report that the R6:S community is now at 35 million players. Kruger mentioned a few things that are coming up with pro leagues, as well as two new operatives, Maestro and Alibi. All of the operators can be looked at in Operation Parabellum, playable now. Also unveiled was an upcoming documentary called Another Mindset, which tells the story of some very noteworthy players, apparently. Release is set for the Six Major event, in Paris, August 13-19.

Next up was a goofy (presumably Evel Knievel inspired) entrance by Antti il Vessuo, Creative Director for Ubisoft Redlynx, creators of Trials. He was there to announce a new game, Trials Rising. The game looks interesting, and is apparently about stunt motocross racing. Brought in to explain the game a little more was Brad "Professor Fat Shady" Hill, a Youtuber that did an unofficial set of tutorials on the original Trials, who was brought in as part of a 20 person "Trials Elite" group to design and build all of the tutorial content for the new game. You can register now at for a closed beta happening later this year, and the release date for the game is February 2019 for PS4, XBox One, (first time ever) Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Julian Gerighty, Creative Director for Massive Entertainment came out next, with Tom Clancy's The Division 2. He started out with the background story. "On Black Friday, a strain of the smallpox virus was released on dollar bills in New York City. The infection and chaos spread across the nation. Seven months later, the virus has most burned itself out, but America is tearing itself apart. Washington, DC is at the heart of this battle. Under constant threat from dangerous factions, civilians are trying to rebuild. In their survival lies the seed for the rebirth of society."
After you complete the main story (which I presume is basically an intro quest), you pick from three specializations. Each specialization has its own skillset and weapon set. The specializations are Sharpshooter, Demolitionist, and Survivalist.
Also of note is the addition of raids in Division 2. That's right, you'll be able to join groups ofup to 8 players. DLCs will come episodically, and year one will see three of them cone out, all free.
There was gameplay footage in the XBox conference, which featured voice chat between the players, as well as a look at some of an area involving an airport.

Xavier Manzanares, Lead Producer for Ubisoft Paris, came out next, with information on a new game featuring Donkey Kong, unveiled with music written and composed by the in house composer, Grant Kirkhope, performed by the band Critical Hit. The name of the game is a mouthful: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Adventure. Release date is June 26

Justin Farren, Creative Director for Ubisoft Singapore was next, with Skull & Bones. Preceded by an impressive intro movie, he spoke of a world with greedy trading companies and deadly pirates roaming the seas. But no heroes. You can ally yourself with other players, or attack them. And when I say you'll need help at some point, I mean it. Four players took on a Portuguese frigate at one point in the footage, and one of them sank, almost immediately. Then, as pirates do, the remaining three turned on each other. Skull & Bones is set for an ambiguous 2019 release.

Next up was another collab with someone from film. Elijah Wood (wasn't he in a set of movies with walking trees?), Creative Producer of Spectreviaion, came out with Benoit Richer, Game Director for Ubisoft Montreal. The game they presented was Transference, a psychological thriller that has something to do with jumping between the perspective of several family members in order to solve puzzles and such. It's set to come out on VR and traditional game systems this fall.

Next up was a very interesting segment. Starlink: Battle for Atlas opened up with a typical trailer, featuring a space fighting game where you are looking to defeat an oppressor by joining with others. Laurent Malville, Creative Director for the project at Ubisoft Toronto, came out after the trailer, to speak about the game. Taking place in the Atlas star system, 400 light years away from Earth, you manage your pilots, gear, and fighters, form alliances, and fight to save the system from Grax and the Forgotten Legion.
But wait. There was a twist with this presentation. Out of nowhere, Fox McQueen shows up in a video to save a fellow pilot. That's right, Starfox will be integrated in the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Wes Guillemot, Co-founder and CEO of Ubisoft, came out to formally announce the presence of Starfox in Starlink. Miyamoto himself was in the front row and brought up to receive a model of the ARWing from Starfox to commemorate the occasion.
Starlink will launch on all consoles on October 16, with the Starfox team being exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

Next came Carlos Campos-Oriola, Creative Director at Ubisoft Montreal for For Honor. Starting with an appreciation for the devotion gamers have had for the game, he stated that up through Monday, the Uplay version of For Honor Starter Edition is free. Following that, he announced that the For Honor team is ready to expand their world. Cue the clip featuring Chinese warriors taking out fighters on a battlefield. The Marching Fire update will bring in four Chinese warriors into the For Honor game. Campos-Oriola said that this was the biggest update to the game yet, but it would not be complete without answering a huge request from the player community: Breach, a 4 vs 4 castle siege mode. The update will be released October 16.

Delphine Dosset, Brand Director at Ubisoft Ivory Tower for The Crew 2, was next. The game will go into open beta on June 21st on PS4, XBox One, and PC. Full release will be a little over a week later, on June 29th. Following her announcement was a clip showing in engine rendered footage.

Last, but not least, came Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Jonathan Dumont, Creative Director at Ubisoft Quebec for Assassin's Creed Odyssey, came out to speak about the game. The game takes place in ancient Greece, both on land and sea, in a time of great change nd also great conflict. In the game, you will affect the story by your actions and choices. A clip is shown talking to Sokrates (I hope you recognize the name), and the options you choose in the dialogue affect his reaction to you. Also of note is the choice between two protagonists: Alexios or Kassandra. As the descendant of Leonidas, and armed with his broken spear, you have access to many ranged, combat, and stealth abilities that you can unleash upon your enemies. The segment closed with a clip showing gameplay, primarily for viewers at home. A playable demo was available at the show.
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