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Author Topic: E3 2018: EA  (Read 2634 times)

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E3 2018: EA
« on: June 13, 2018, 08:11:35 AM »
E3's round of conferences started off on Saturday, with EA.

At the beginning of the show was Battlefield 5, which was previously revealed, and expounded upon at the show. Features mentioned were being able to jump through buildings, (pretty effecrive) distractions including some serious tanks driving through buildings, movable defenses (there was a mobile turret shown being dragged around the battlefield by some sort of tank or truck), as well as soldier/vehicle/weapon customization (not only for gameplay; the characters' looks are affected by your customized loadout). Advertising themselves as not being Pay to Win, there will be no loot boxes and things of that sort for people to buy their way to the top. Also mentioned near the end of the BF5 section was a new game mode: Royale. Unfortunately, not much was revealed about it; "we'll reveal more about that later this year. BF5 is apparently set for an XBox One exclusive release.

Next came FIFA 19. The primary news was the inclusion of the UEFA Championship in game. I'm sadly not as big of a soccer/football fan as I'd like to claim, as I never knew the UEFA existed until watching this presentation. Apparently, it is an annual championship run in Europe, to win a very big trophy (which was present at the presentation). Gameplay improvements were mentioned, as well as an announcement of a new FIFA (the actual tournament) update to FIFA 18 for  PS4, XBox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. As part of this tremendous time, FIFA 18 is available for free for a limited time on XBox One, PS4, and PC (not on Steam, however. The game isn't available, apparently). FIFA 19 is slated for release on September 28.

Next was a pitch on a new streaming service from EA, called Origins Access Premier, which will give members access to all new games, such as BF3, Madden 19 (back on PC for the first time in over a decade), FIFA 19, and Anthem. It will also provide access to the EA Vault, containing a large number that I forgot of their classic games. This will be coming out later this summer.

Next, Vince Zamfella from Respawn was present to announce that they have been "working with Lucas" and they don't have anything to show, yet, nut he did want to come out and throw out a name: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Not much was revealed about the game, other than the fact that it takes place chronologically between Episodes 3 and 4. It was also teased that the name implies that you'll play a Jedi. Release date is set vaguely as "Holiday, NEXT year."

Following that was a presentation on new content for Star Wars: Battlefront II. Next week, new content based on the Solo movie is coming, headlined by the new planet Kessel, and featuring the return of one of the team's favorite modes: Extraction. Coming later this summer is a new squad system, which will allow you to team up with your friends a lot easier. Also coming is a new starfighter mode, featuring dogfighting with your hero ships. Even further along is planned the release of more sandbox multiplayer stuff, with a capture the flag game and something about destroying command ships. Also mentioned for this year is content for the Clone Wars. Several maps from planet Geonosis were mentioned. Characters featured will include Obi-wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Count Dooku, and General Grievous.

Next up: Unravel 2. At the beginning of the game, the little yarn guy (isn't he called something silly like Yarny?) has been through a storm and he yarn snaps, losing his spark in the process. But then, he finds hope (I dunno if that's the name for the second yarn dood), The two yarn guys connect their yarns and a new spark is kindled. Basically, this game is about second chances. And throughout the game, you either switch between the two characters to proceed, or you play with a friend. And it was available the day of the conference.

Next was the lead producer of the EA Originals program, which focuses on helping indie game developers realize their dreams (Unravel's group, as well as the group behind A Way Out were funded by EA Originals), He introduced the newest developer to come, Jo-Mei (a small studio from Berlin), and their game, Sea of Solitude. SoS revolves around the idea that everyone alive has both light and darkness inside of them, and the protagonist,, suffering greatly from life, has her darkness come out, and she is transformed into a monster. The course of the game takes her through an adventure to become human, again. It's a nice, cartoony looking game. SoS is coming early 2019.

NBA Live 2019 had an advertisent play next, announcing a November 7 release.

And then, there was Madden. Coming out to promote Madden 2019 was some football player from the Pittsburg Steelers whose name I can't remember (nor do I really care to), and the winner of some sort of pro league for Madden 18.

Following up was a simply cloud game, where you get to launch a nuke at your enemy. It'll available for iOS and Android, but it's available for pre-alpha now, on Android, inly. Oh, and it's called Command & Conquer: Rivals.

Next up, EA CEO Andrew Wilsin came out to announce EA's 3rd annual Play to Give program, where players took part last weekend in 9 in game events to earn money for three charities, all of whom were based around eliminating bullying of some sort. As a result of the event, a total of 1 million dollars was donated by EA to the charities.

And at last, the finale. Anthem. I went into this presentation knowing nothing about the game, since I live under a rock. After the intro played, I was interested. Anthem takes place on a world where the gods have left, and in their wake something called the Anthem of Creation has been left. Someone or something is using the Anthem to create monsters of varying sizes, apparently. Anthem will be based on the concept of "Our World, My Story." Everyone on at any given point is experiencing the same things. Enemies, weather, night/'s all shared. Solo play IS possible, it's just a little harder to manage. The only truly single player experience is the "Your Story part, which happens in your main base, which is a city of sorts, I guess.
You play as a Freelancer, piloting one of three powered exosuits called Javelins. There are four classes of Javelins: the average Ranger, the heavy Colossus (basically a walking tank), Interceptor, and the Storm. Customization is possible, with gear and weapons affecting gameplay, and cosmetic items changing how your javelins look. There will be no loot boxes to give you a hand up. You will only be able to buy cosmetic gear to make your Javelins LOOK different. The presentation did not go over the abilities of the last two Javelins. The presentation ends with some gameplay footage of a mission, Scars and Villainy. The Scars, whomever they may be, have devised some sort of acid based weapon, and you have to take them out. You start out in your forward base of operations, which is a walker of some sort, and from their you and your friends enter your Javelins and head into the mission proper. Theses suits are not just flashy Iron Man knockoffs. You can walk, run, fly, and even go underwater with them, to perform whatever jobs you need to do. I cannot express enough how beautiful the landscape is in this game. And transitioning into water is seamless, as is coming back out of it. Anthem is slated for release February 22nd, on XBox One, PS4, and PC.

The presentation ended with a little mini-FIFA 18 tournament run by four players, two Americans (they lost) and two players from Mexico. Honestly, I didn't really watch the game, as I was more interested in what was being released coming up.

This was the first of many Conferences at E3, this year. Stay tuned for coverage of the others!.  :clap:
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