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Author Topic: The tales of Peter Sripol (From hobby RC plane designer/builder to ultralight bi  (Read 748 times)

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Ok, so I've been watching this guy on Youtube for a while now, and I wanted to show you guys what he's been doing because his stuff is just super cool.

Some of you may not know what Flight Test is, and that's where Peter first started with building things to fly that basically have no business in the air. Flight Test is a Hobby RC Aircraft retailer that does all sorts of wacky things on their own YT channel, and Peter was a perfect fit for them. However, after some time with them, he was forced to return home to help his mother with her Thai restaurant (SCORE! I have TWO reasons to go to Ohio to meet this guy! ;D). He set up a shop in their basement at some point, and started making things. A lot of things. He's made several different types pf airplanes (with several types of materials), a small RC boat, and even a HUGE tugboat thing that I previously mentioned in the Secret of Mana announcement thread.

But WAIT, there's MORE! About two months ago, Peter started building a REAL plane. Out of primarily wood and foam. I watched his videos as they progressed, and he got it off the ground several weeks ago utilizing something called the "ground effect." He needed more power. Utilizing donations (he has a Patreon account, as well as donations through Youtube, that pay for things he needs in his projects), he purchased over $1k in discounted (heavily) batteries. I think there were 6 of them in all. Today, he released a new video, showing the plane IN THE AIR! As a fellow maker (of sorts), it was an exhilarating experience watching what Mr Sripol has accomplished.

Check him out on his channel.
Ad if you're interested, here's Flite Test's channel
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Huh, now that is cool. He's doing a good thing there.

Who knows, maybe some of these people will end up building new planes and revolutionize aviation. XD
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The Gaming Universe  |  General  |  General Chit Chat  |  The tales of Peter Sripol (From hobby RC plane designer/builder to ultralight bi

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