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Author Topic: Front Page & Registering issues  (Read 583 times)

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Front Page & Registering issues
« on: February 15, 2016, 11:23:24 AM »
Two little issues, that should probably be changed/tweaked.

On the front page, if you are not logged in,
It says "Welcome Guest" and has a date.

This box feels like, it's just here to fill in some gap.
There's no login/register text.

It just doesn't grab you in any way.

Second issue is the registering.
Why does this site have those image setups where it's so hard to read?
I'd rather there be a second "question box"
Or make the image much clearer with numbers, and tell the user to add up all the numbers. Or type it backwards.

If you become aggravated when registering, then only someone who truly wants to register will keep trying.

If someone does complete the register, do they get any kind of greeting?
If possible, we need to make anyone who registers, to feel really welcomed!


Off topic, but can we get those broken arcade games either removed, fixed, or placed in a separate area?
I also, wonder if the arcade scores should be reset. The scores are so high, and the bar has been set so high, so long ago!
M-Bass, you are just too good :(
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The Gaming Universe  |  The Site  |  Discussion  |  Front Page & Registering issues

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