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Author Topic: What TV shows had strong influences on you (and what kind)?  (Read 741 times)

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What TV shows had strong influences on you (and what kind)?
« on: October 25, 2015, 02:18:30 PM »
I was watching one of the many TV show cast reunion interviews on YouTube and it occurred to me that a lot of shows had a profound impact on who I became. Okay, maybe that's not such huge news, but realizing which shows did such a deed kind of was. So, here's my list and their possible impacts (minus cartoons, cuz ... cartoons):

 Punky Brewster (finding the positive--wish that took more, though)
 Beauty and the Beast (fantastical hope in modern hopelessness)
 Gimme a Break (overcoming prejudice)
 Facts of Life (female perspective)
 Cosby Show (family)
 Growing Pains (same, and scheming, and reinforced my hatred of alcohol, so my thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio)
 Diff'rent Strokes (being a family regardless of differences)
 True Colors (same thing--and how the black vs white issue left a lot of people out)
 Doogie Howser, M.D. (excelling beyond expectations)
 Little House on the Prairie (provincial life)
 Highway to Heaven (helping people)
 The A Team (same thing, but with "a plan")
 Knight Rider (adventure, justice)
 Werewolf (same, in a way, plus scary fun)
 Who's the Boss? (breaking gender norms)
 Small Wonder (standard sitcom lessons)
 Family Ties (same thing)
 Out of this World (same thing, plus how to let people in)
 Herman's Head (what goes on in one's mind)
 Silver Spoons (growing up)
 Blossom (same thing)
 Saved by the Bell (getting away with stuff, some social consciousness)
 Parker Lewis Can't Lose (same things)
 The Wonder Years (that that first kiss doesn't necessarily mean happily ever after)
 The Jeffersons (I honestly don't know why other than it was on because Sherman Helmsley bugs the crap out of me! Maybe a little of standing up for oneself. I wish that one took, too.)
 Cheers (a look at adulthood, I guess)
 What's Happening! (dealing with stigma--and siblings, so my apologies to Kurt, Sonny, and Malcolm!)
 Married with Children (how NOT to treat your family)
 Roseanne (almost the same thing)
 Perfect Strangers (diamonds cut glass. No, really, this is the only thing I really learned from this show!)
 Designing Women (female perspective)
 Misfits of Science (fun with science)
 V (enemies disguised as friends, saving the world)
 Star Trek (ANYTHING'S possible if you learn!)

There are lots of other shows that had no real impact, but there it is. What were your televised influences as a kid?
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Re: What TV shows had strong influences on you (and what kind)?
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2015, 06:01:50 PM »
Interesting topic. However for me, I do include animated shows because not all of them are silly and pointless (obviously before the crap they consider 'kid friendly' today).

Star Trek TOS (we CAN all live together in peace regardless of race or religion, we can do anything if we work hard enough, we have a moral obligation to fight for what's right, we cannot close off our emotions but sometimes we do need to step back and look at things logically)
Star Trek TNG (same)
Start Trek DS9 (it's not easy to live with different people with different values but it can be done, war is ugly, politics and bureaucracy will never go away, pure capitalism without any regulation is not sustainable, there's no arguing with religious fanatics, strong religious beliefs don't have to hold a society back)
Start Trek Voyager (you'd be surprised what you'd be willing to do to survive while trying to hold on to your values)
Home Improvement (family values, it's OK to screw up sometimes)
Family Matters (same)
Roseanne (a life I DON'T want)
Gi Joe American Heroes (national pride)
The Flintstones (life isn't easy for adults either)
The Jetsons (same, but with a little more emphasis on what the kids go through)
Cosby Show (family, education is important)
Thundercats (you're not going to be a kid forever, time to listen to the people who are trying to teach you something)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (girls don't have it easy either, you don't want to fight but you have to fight because nobody else can, girls aren't just some damsel in distress anymore and can take care of themselves)
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Re: What TV shows had strong influences on you (and what kind)?
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2015, 12:00:45 PM »
Power Rangers, Pokemon, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

These were shows I kept with, even though they felt kiddie. Wasn't until I became an adult, that I realized I was not the only one who stuck with these shows, and made me realize it was OK to watch these as an adult.

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