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The Gaming Universe  |  General  |  The Museum  |  [FANFIC] Star Wars: Episode 2.9: The Tragedy of Sonak and Espa ((REPOST))

Author Topic: [FANFIC] Star Wars: Episode 2.9: The Tragedy of Sonak and Espa ((REPOST))  (Read 1637 times)

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I wrote this story some years ago based on the designs and backstory created by Overlord/Seether of a GU Fighter character for Krys.  I turned OL's concept into a SW version of Romeo & Juliet.  I posted it right away, but it got lost in the reshuffle.  So, I'm re-posting it now.  I hope you enjoy it all over again.

The Tragedy of Sonak and Espa

- During Jedi Academy, two of the top pupils became rivals: Sonak Dilgen, a strong and strapping young man, was smart, a strong warrior, and the Force was strong with him. The Force was also strong with Nava Lavata, a young woman of silken skin, long raven hair, and a disarming smile that caused many to underestimate her daring fearlessness, cunning, and deadly skill with a lightsaber. As they both progressed in their training, their competition grew fierce.

- Along the way, they developed feelings for each other, but knew they could never realize them. It progressed to such a point that they finally approached each other about it, each having sense it from the other and knowing they wanted to be Jedi, and agreed never to be together. However, their feelings only deepened, which made them compete more fiercely. They became bitter rivals, another agreement they had to come to.

- At some point, the Jedi Council took notice of these two and separated them. Loyal to the Order of the Jedi, Sonak decided to abide, having only his dreams of her to carry him. Nava, however, took this action with great anger and left the Academy.

- When Sonak achieved Knighthood a few years later, he felt more empty than a Jedi would usually feel at this point. Unable to sense her feelings since parting, he wants to know she’s ok.

- Meanwhile, in another part of the Galaxy, a young woman, inescapably blossoming into womanhood and covering it only with a Jedi robe, walked into a Cantina and stayed at the bar, watching one of her own people, the deciding member of the Jedi Council in the matter of Sonak and Nava, with great anger and hatred. Having sensed her presence, the Jedi Master broke for a moment from her surveillance duties (keeping her mind on the Force to watch her intended target) and approached the woman.

-“Nava Lavata?” she asked. “What are you doing here?”
- The young woman would not answer, but rather lifted her hood to reveal a much different woman than the young Padawan she knew and trained.
- “Nava, love,” she said to the young one, something her culture has always called younger women, “what has happened to you?”
- “My name is not Nava,” she said to her former Master with a soft smile, closing as if to offer her something memorable. “It’s Espa …”
- No sooner had she said that than the burn of a lightsaber poured right through the Jedi’s chest, the long, red saber poking through her back as she closed her lips toward her victim’s face.
- “… DARTH … Espa!” she elaborated.
- The look of shock on her face was replaced by the look of pain when Darth Espa withdrew her red saber and sliced her former Master’s head off.
- “And it CERTAINLY isn’t LOVE!”
- With that, she deactivated and stowed her lightsaber. Her cruelty found esteem in this moment as she lifted the dismembered head of her former Master and stared into its blank eyes.
- “My first trophy,” she said to it, before stowing it and departing cloaked.

- Hearing of an upstart of powerful proportions in the heart of the Republic, the Jedi Council saw that action was needed to stop this horrible massacre in the making. Knowing nothing of her except her unparalleled skill and the fact that she dons the skulls of her most prized victims upon chains on a belt she wears, this looked like a job for their newly-appointed Jedi Knight, Sonak Dilgen. Their most promising student in a long time, he was the council’s prime choice to quell what could possibly be a Sith warrior. So strong was the Dark Side of the Force with this warrior, they feared it was the only explanation. Deciding to lay a trap, they sent a Jedi Master on a phony mission to lure her out, while the young Sonak followed in secret, donning a uniform of pure black to cover his identity.

- After some time in their new surroundings, they were finally attacked by this new warrior. Unable to see her face or read any more from her than her seething hatred, they fought as best they could. However, the double-bladed lightsaber of this apparent Sith warrior was too much for the Jedi Master. After proclaiming she had a good spot on her belt for him, the warrior’s voice revealed her identity to Sonak … his long-lost love, Nava. Unable to fathom what was taking place, he deactivated his lightsaber and stood befuddled. As Nava was about to strike, she heard her attacker speak.

- “Nava?” he said.

- As she stood in confusion, he removed his mask. The sight of her former love rival stayed her attack in equal amazement. She removed her hood and the two watched each other helplessly, wishing to run into each other’s arms yet struck with shock at the predicament. The mild growth of his hair and stubble of his beard was enticing to her, but not as attractive as her skin-tight clothing showing every other piece of her skin beneath a waterfall of white hair that stretched to the base of her plump chest was to him. However, it was not their physical attributes that kept them so stunned, but the look in each other’s eyes … each a look of loss with a different emotion backing it up.
Before another word could be uttered, Nava sensed a few Jedi approaching to intercept.

- “No,” she answered him, letting her hate loose in order to part without surrender. “Nava is dead, as was intended. I am Darth Espa.”

- He stared helplessly as she concluded.

- “And you are only going to be in my way!”

- She parted swiftly, leaving him alone. He fell to his knees, unable to suppress the tears. Suddenly sensing the Jedi coming near, he gathered his feelings and bolted after her.

- After a thick pursuit, he cornered her in her own launch bay as she prepared her ship for departure.

- “I can’t let you go!”
- “Then you will come with me?”
- “What?”
- “I mean, isn’t that the problem? They separated us so that we couldn’t be together! They saw the threat we posed. They saw the power we could’ve shared together. Join me, and we can have anything we want!”
- “I do,” he said without hesitation, holding back the truth that she was the only thing he wanted that he didn’t have.
- “Your thoughts betray you, my love.”
- “I love you, this is true. But I am not your love.” He lifted his lightsaber before him. “I am a Jedi Knight, and I must stop you!”
- “Then you will die,” she said, letting the hate flow through her as she attacked.
- After an arduous battle, the two found themselves at a stalemate, each having done well at points against the other until the point came where she had him held back with the strength of her double-bladed lightsaber.
- “It would appear that I have the power in this round,” she informed him, “as you are too predictable. You forget that I know you and everything you’d ever think to do against me!”
- “Think again,” he said as he drew his Master’s lightsaber from his belt and activated it. From there, the fight continued with great fury, neither gaining ground. Eventually, Sonak got the upper hand by slicing her double-bladed lightsaber in half.
- “This does not bode well for you, does it?” he asked.
- A smile crossed her lips after examining her halved weapon, realizing that both ends were still active.
- “Actually, you have that backwards!”
- His smile receded a little, realizing that she was much better with two blades than one.
- “Oh, yeah,” he said.
- The battle continued until they each wondrously disarmed each other of their second blades. At a standstill, they prepared for the inevitable.
- “I wish this didn’t have to be this way,” he said to her.
- “Same as I, my love,” Espa told him, “but it does. You will not yield and nor will I.”
- “Then, this ends.”
- “To the death!”
- “I wish it weren’t so.”
- “Wishing is irrelevant if you haven’t the power to pursue it!”
- “Spoken like a true Sith,” he said, “but even one as creative as you couldn’t have gotten that far into such ideals on your own. Who taught it to you?”
- Angered, she leapt to attack. He met her in mid-air, jousting back and forth until intercepting her in mid-air one more time, each using the Force to steady themselves above the ground to continue the fight. Eventually, they both used the Force to knock each other back. The fury burning within both, they charged each other again until eventually, they held each other at bay with their burning weapons once more, face to face.
- As their anger rose, their eyes met in the fury they tried to show, only to find that the love they could never share would not leave them. When the passion within finally reached its peak, they both threw aside their lightsabers and took each other with all the power in their hearts. As they made love, the power of the Force was felt throughout the entire launch bay, crushing objects with every thrust, bursting rocks with every bite, and shattering windows with every scream of pleasure until they were spent.
- Holding each other against the wall, gazing into each other’s eyes, they felt consumed by the one moment they’d long awaited, but something else emerged … their true selves. While he sensed her deep pain and longing for him and the anger that followed, she sensed his mutual longing, but an even stronger devotion to truth and peace … the Jedi ideology. Infuriated by knowing he would never truly be hers, she called to her lightsaber. Feeling this in her, he summoned his and both passions collided, followed by a simultaneous push of the Force into each other. Missing each other’s powers, she sent him across the room while his power slammed her against the wall she was already against.
- “No,” Sonak stated. “This isn’t about us … it’s about you. It’s about getting what you want! Sith want power, true enough, but you don’t. You just want your desires fulfilled. You’re too small to be a true Sith! Your Master must be upset at this!”
- Enraged by his true accusations, he drew her weapon again and charged him. After a powerful struggle, they had each other at bay to the last, their lightsabers pressing against one another with a horrid screeching sound.
- Knowing this would never end any other way, Sonak finally embraced their destinies and grabbed her throat before she could do anything else to him. His heart ached as he watched her eyes widen in pain while she reached for his throat, failing as her arms shorter than his. The pain at hurting the woman he loves was stifled as he saw in her one final moment of concentration, then a snap of her extended choking hand, using the Force to strangle him as well. Each matching each other power for power, they tried to lift each other into the air, until they both floated together, neither getting the better of the other. Their painful eyes kept to each other’s, watching all the love and hope within them slip away until they finally passed out.

- Watching this ordeal from the shadows, a dark figure prepared to move in for his apprentice when it sensed a strong tremor in the Force approaching. To this, it kept to the shadows as a Jedi Master entered the launch bay. Seeing the two unconscious bodies, Jedi Master Mace Windu felt horribly responsible for letting this go so far. Knowing their feelings for each other, he’d put aside the Jedi Code just this once in hopes that love could flourish between Jedi without consequences. Taking a moment to survey the devastation, he closed his eyes and used the Force to oversee all the events that took place. Every move he observed only strengthened his resolve of the truth to the Jedi Code. He knew that no Jedi could ever allow love to overpower and never again questioned. When opening his eyes, he felt the sad need to fulfill his mission and used the Force to levitate his unconscious former apprentice, Sonak Dilgen. Before turning away, he observed this Darth Espa, the once bright pupil of his late colleague and hope for an end to this horrible civil war, now an incomparable nocturne woman filled with the Dark Side of the Force. Feeling the deep pain of their ordeal, he decided that just this once he would allow her to live to find her way back to the Force as his apprentice hoped.

- As Master Windu turned, his power carrying his former apprentice, Sonak’s eyes slowly opened and observed his situation, then looked desperately back to Espa as she began to rouse. She slid to her knees and watched with great sadness as he was carried away with a look of pain in his eyes. Seeing him disappear beyond the doorway, her head fell to the ground as she cried aloud. Hearing her cries, Sonak’s heart fell into pain, joined by his Master’s as he felt it.

- The lovers returned to the sorrow of the moment they were parted years ago.

- Returning to the Jedi Council, Sonak was heavily interrogated, Master Windu keeping silent while the events of his operation were disclosed. Keeping his faith, Sonak answered all of their questions truthfully and prepared to suffer the consequences.

- "And," Master Ki-Adi-Mundi asked, "do we know who this Darth Espa is?"
- Sonak took a deep breath as he looked down and sighed, feeling his master's disappointed eyes falling heavily upon him. He knew he couldn't avoid this any longer.
- "Nava Lavata," he blurted painfully.
- The entire Jedi Council muttered between each other at this unfortunate news.
- "After all this time," Master Depa Billaba spoke up.
- "Something to add, you have, Master Billaba?" Yoda asked.
- Regrouping herself, she looked to him.
- "I knew she took her assignment with difficulty, but how could she completely disregard all she has learned and worked for?"
- "It was painful," Sonak spoke. "I nearly left the Order once, myself."
- The Masters remained silent.
- "But it was my faith in the truth that kept me here, not my career. I knew the Jedi stood for peace and for the ideals of the Senate. I could not just walk away and I will not!"
- "Well said," Master Saesee Tiin said, "but it would appear Nava did not share your views."
- "A feeling she could sense in me, I imagine," Sonak speculated, "which must be why she attacked me after we ... "
- Everyone was silent for the longest time.
- "Your actions were gravely close to the Dark Side," Master Tiin stated, "something that cannot be taken lightly."
- "Master," Sonak blurted, "I have only the goals of the Jedi at heart."
- "Clouded by longing and confusion, young Dilgen, "Master Billaba.
- "Your loyalty will be taken into account as we convene on your punishment," Master Tiin stated.
- A look of deep confusion crossed Sonak's face.
- "Punishment?"
- "You have crossed many boundaries dangerously close to the Dark Side," Master Mundi countered. "You are too great a risk to be set free."
- "Only one punishment, there can be," Master Yoda finally spoke up, gaining everyone's curious attention. "Complete his assignment, he MUST."
- "Yes," Master Mundi agreed. "You must destroy Darth Espa before she can further spread the evil of the Sith. They must not build their numbers!"
- Taken aback, Sonak softly shook his head, nearly putting objection into words.
- "Go you must," Master Yoda ordered, "but not alone."
- "But, Master," Sonak protested, feeling strongly that he could handle this assignment, no matter how painful it was.
- "I will go," Master Windu volunteered.
- Sonak buried the anger that began to rise, for the sake of what was at stake.
- "You may be strong and devoted," Master Windu stated, "but search your feelings. Your emotions are too vested in this matter. I'm afraid that Lord Espa could use this against you."
- "Yes," Sonak said after a long pause, realizing his Master was right, "my Master."
- "Very well," Master Yoda concluded. "Take a group of Knights with you, Master Windu. Quickly this must be done, for stopped must her plans be."
- "If at all possible," Master Billaba spoke up, "try to learn who her Master is. Then, perhaps, we will have a clue as to what we will be up against."
- "At once, you must go," Master Yoda ordered, receiving a nod from both Sonak and Master Windu. "For the longer we wait, the more dire our situation will be."

- Leading the small band of Jedi Knights, Master Windu took a small transport to this remote rock planet with a sun so remote that daylight lasted by three hours out of its thirty-four-hour rotation. After landing in an isolated area of the vast mountain where their scan revealed the only activity in the area, they found themselves negotiating the series of caves lit occasionally by naturally-formed crystals that emanated their own light. Emerging from the long tunnel system into a large cavern, they found what looked like a training ground for a large group of battle droids that seemed to be training with lightsabers. Heading up the instruction in a stiff but cruel manner was the voluptuous and deadly Darth Espa. Making short work of these swift yet clunky creatures, she showed the rest the necessity for circumventing their designs.

- Knowing this would be difficult, even for what they observed, Master Windu instructed each of his band to specific strike points. Reassuring Sonak of his duties and that he was actually on Sonak’s side, Master Windu ordered him to charge directly for Espa, offering himself as the one to clear the path.

- When Master Windu executed his plan, the Jedi swiftly made work of the horde of battle droids.  When finishing off the last of the horde, the Jedi failed to take into account the countermeasures set up around the complex as most of them were gunned down by blasters that surrounded the halls. Only Master Windu, Sonak, and another Jedi survived after their efforts to deflect the blasts destroyed all of the cannons.

- As they surveyed the devastation, Espa emerged to finish the Jedi herself.  Keeping behind with the other Jedi, Master Windu allowed Sonak to fulfill his requirements. As Sonak slowly walked toward her, she raised her weapon before her for one final battle. As the two stood ready for battle, Sonak's weapon suddenly shut down, much to the amazement of all watching.

- "No," he said to her. To this, Master Windu's face changed. Darth Espa's eyes were skeptical, her face a cold statue. "I don't want to do this."

- "You have no choice, my love," she informed him. "This is just our destiny!"

- "What are you doing?" Master Windu asked, but was ignored as Sonak continued to appeal to her. As the two continued to posture in pain with words, they eventually elevated to appeals, and finally threats.

- Observing the whole affair, a dark figure crept from a cave above to watch the coming events, knowing it was not being seen or felt by the Jedi below. Reaching to its apprentice’s mind, it gave one simple order: wipe them all out!

- Feeling the pain of necessity for obedience, Darth Espa prepared to charge her enemy lover, but Sonak made one final appeal to her. She tried to make a swing for his head, but found that she couldn't do it, not while he was submitting to her.  She dropped her lightsaber and they two kissed. He held her to him with his eyes fixed upon hers as he released his kiss.

- “I don’t want to lose you again, my love,” he told her.
- “Nor I,” she responded, feeling the pure ecstasy of finally being called his “love.”
- “But we can’t be here like this. Not us.”
- “What are you saying?”
- “I’m saying that we don’t belong here. Let’s leave all of this … this war, the Jedi, the Sith … everything!”
- “You mean it?”
- “Yes. We can go anywhere, together! We’re well trained enough as Jedi to use the Force sparingly, so we can live as we need.”
- “We don’t have to rule anything as long as we’re together? Is that what you’re saying?”
- “Do we?”
- Looking into his eyes and finally seeing the love he’s ready to share with her, she found herself saying, without hesitation, “we don’t, my love!”

- Master Windu was displeased with his former apprentice and urged him to fulfill his obligation, but found him unwilling to even listen. He knew that he lost Sonak for good, finding only mild comfort in knowing he did not lose him to the Sith. However, sensing the change in her, he felt a small wave of joy that a Sith could be converted … restored from the Dark Side of the Force.

- As they prepared to walk past the Jedi, holding each other while Master Windu kept his Jedi counterpart at bay to let them go, the horrid whizzing of a Sith blade broke the moment. Master Windu immediately picked up on the power of her own lightsaber being thrust through her back and stomach. Sonak kept her in his arms as he immediately deactivated the blade and guided her to the floor. Hearing the sound of maniacal laughter, Sonak looked to the above ledges and saw the shadow of a fleeing figure. Enraged, he clutched his love tighter.

- As Master Windu prepared to run with his Jedi counterpart after the assassin, Sonak stopped him and insisted to be the one to battle her killer. When Master Windu tried to console Sonak, he found himself suddenly pushed to the floor by Sonak’s use of the Force before watching him run and jump up to the ledge and pursue his love’s killer. As his partner prepared to pursue, Master Windu stopped him.

- “No,” Master Windu insisted. “I’ll do it.”
- Ordering his counterpart to take Espa to their ship to receive medical care, Master Windu swiftly followed.

- Catching up to the attacker, Sonak wasted no words in using his lover’s double-bladed lightsaber to strike down her killer. After a furious battle, though, he met his end painfully, never having seen the face of his killer before it ran away laughing. When Master Windu caught up, he found Sonak exactly as he thought he would, then once again used the Force to carry him away.

- While laying side by side in the hospice wing of the medical transport, both Sonak and Espa lay watching each other slip away, choosing to spend their last moments together and basking in the power of their love to the end.

- “I’m sorry this had to end this way,” she said to him.
- “No,” he said, “I would not take it back for a moment.”
- “Nor I, my love. I never thought I could feel so alive, even in death.”
- “You’re pretty sure this is over, aren’t you?”
- “My Master was particularly cruel and methodical. A wound like this was one he knew would kill me slowly … and painfully, for my disloyalty.”
- “Well, with all we’ve learned about the Force, I still believe it’s not over for us.”
- “I hope you’re right,” she said.
- “I know I am,” he said with a smile.
- The little power she had left sensed what he meant by that.
- “You knew you wouldn’t survive, didn’t you?” she asked.
- “I knew,” he responded. “Everything in my being told me your Master was too strong.”
- “But, you …”
- “I didn’t offer myself to him, if that’s what you’re about to say. I just knew I would fall … with you.”
- She slowly smiled again.

- Sensing the powerful presence of the Force entering the room, the two watch Master Windu walk towards them.

- “Master Windu,” Sonak said, but was interrupted.
- “Rest easy, Sonak. We’ll be back in Corusant soon enough.”
- “I don’t have that long,” he said.
- “Nor do I,” Espa stated, “which is why you’re here, isn’t it?”
- After a heavy sigh, Mace conjured up his stoicism and prepared for his purpose.
- “I’m afraid you’re right. This terrible war has torn apart our Republic and all because of a Sith Lord. We don’t know who he or she is, except that this person has reached the highest levels of our government. We don’t know how high, so we need your help. Will you?”
- “Gladly …” Espa was interrupted by an immense surge of pain running through her. This was it. Her power couldn’t hold it back any longer.
- “Please, Nava, tell me,” he said, placing his hand over hers as he tried to steady her. “Who is your master?”
- “Darth … “ she tried to say.
- “No, you are not Darth Espa any longer.” Sonak said to her, “I see your heart, Nava! You’re not one of them any longer!”
- “Darth … “
- "NO, my love," Sonak persisted.
- “Wait,” Mace said to him.
- Then, in her last breath, she uttered her last word: “… Tyrannus …”
- Mace and Sonak were both taken aback by this revelation. They knew the name Tyrannus … the Sith identity of Count Dooku!
- Sonak held her dead hand as Mace held his emotions back. After Mace tried to reassure Sonak that they would get to a better medical facility in time, he left Sonak alone with his lost love.

- In a meeting room, Master Windu contacted the Jedi Council and spoke of all the events that transpired. While hope was felt amongst them for anyone’s possible return from the Dark Side, they knew they had to keep to their Code.
- “Count Dooku,” Mace informed.
- “Distressing, this is,” Master Yoda stated. “Two of our best Jedi, they were. Now, growing the influence of the Sith is, and shrinking, ours seem to be.”
- “I feel responsible for this,” Mace admitted. “I sensed it in them. I knew my apprentice faced this challenge. I just hoped it would work out differently.”
- “Know now, we do, that powerful the Dark Side is, even through such forces as love. This is why, allow relationship among Jedi, we cannot.”
- Mace sighed to himself as he swallowed this bitter pill.
- “There does seem to be hope,” one Jedi Master spoke up, “if a member of the Sith found her way back to the Force.”
- “Concur, I cannot, for come back to the Jedi, she would not. Also, lost was Sonak in this matter, as well.”
- “I only fear I have failed my apprentice.”
- “Failed, you have not, if learn from his example, you do,” Yoda assured.
- “Of course,” Mace agreed, preventing himself from further voicing any disapproval.

- In a dark part of Coruscant, two evil lords met with news, one kneeling to the other after unhooding himself.
- "My Master," Count Dooku said, "I'm afraid that the training program did not go as planned."
- "Nor did your apprentice," Darth Sidious stated, surprising the Count.
- "My Lord, I ..."
- "Calm yourself, Lord Tyrannus," his master consoled. "Young Espa was progressing nicely, as I recall. A perfect candidate, too, one so young that she had only her immediate desires to fulfill; someone who will be in no position to usurp us."
Dooku knew his master meant none of this.  Dooku knew fully that his master was well aware of his attempt to lay down the groundwork to seize power from him ... a true Sith trait.  What he couldn't understand was why he pretended not to know this.
"Yes, Lord Tyrannus, a great choice, indeed."
- "She failed in her task and betrayed the power I gave her."
- "It was presumptuous of you to believe that you were ready to train one so young. Perhaps it would be best to keep to your robot general's training."
- "It will not happen again, my Master," Dooku stated with a bow.
- "Of course it will ... but that is not for today.  Everything is as it was expected. The numbers of the Jedi continue to wither, and will continue if we remain patient and vigilant."
- Count Dooku smiled as he rose with his master's motion to do so.
- "This conflict will soon draw to an end, and a new, powerful ally we will soon have."
- The Count followed in merriment while his dark master laughed aloud.

- After some time alone, Sonak felt the need to speak to her beyond.
- “My love, by the Force, I know we will be together.”
- “I know it, too,” a soft voice uttered on the other side of him. As he turned to face it, he saw the emergence of a glowing emanation of his lost love, smiling back upon him.
- “Nava!”
- “We have nothing to fear, my love, for as you predicted, we will now be together … in the Force … forever!”
- As her ghostly hand reached for his, holding it for a moment, she retracted it, still holding his spirit’s hand as it rose from his body. Together, they embraced as the Force took them to their new home.

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