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Author Topic: Simple QD options you may not realize  (Read 599 times)

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Simple QD options you may not realize
« on: August 15, 2010, 01:58:03 AM »
Here's a list of some simple things you can do in the QD that you may not realize.

Changing/Adding a functions Color
By going to your editor/syn/OZScript.cgsyn you can change or add color for the functions. So If you ever wanted to have each include function a separate color or want to color some functions that show up black, this is how to do it.

Tip Of The Day
In your editor folder there's a file called tips.txt. This is where all the Tip Of The day are stored.
If you open cgenie.conf in notepad you can choose to have tips show up or not. So if you ever get annoyed with those tips, you can turn it off.

Change the look of Code Genie
Colors, spaces, line numbering. This is all handled in cgenie.conf.(Or under view/settings in codegenie) You can even have an auto saver, very handy if your computer ever shuts down and you didn't get a chance to save. However, if you didn't want to save, this can be a bad thing.

File Search
You can search for any word/function in any file(screen data as well) In Code Genie click on the "find in files" button. Not only is it helpful for finding unwanted lines. You could use it to find out if you already have a door named "door1" in a screen.
Searching for "door1"...
C:\Users\Mom's Room\Documents\Open Zelda\Alien_Invasion\questdata\Alien_Invasion\scripts\screen\100-84.zes (10):       SetString("lv12door20",0,"lv12door19");
C:\Users\Mom's Room\Documents\Open Zelda\Alien_Invasion\questdata\Alien_Invasion\scripts\screen\100-85.zes (10):       SetString("lv12door1",0,"lv12door2");
C:\Users\Mom's Room\Documents\Open Zelda\Alien_Invasion\questdata\Alien_Invasion\scripts\screen\100-85.zes (12):       SetString("lv12lock1",0,"lv12door13");
C:\Users\Mom's Room\Documents\Open Zelda\Alien_Invasion\questdata\Alien_Invasion\scripts\screen\100-94.zes (10):       SetString("lv1bdoor1", 0, "lv1bdoor1a");
C:\Users\Mom's Room\Documents\Open Zelda\Alien_Invasion\questdata\Alien_Invasion\scripts\screen\101-84.zes (10):       SetString("lv12door12",0,"lv12door11");
C:\Users\Mom's Room\Documents\Open Zelda\Alien_Invasion\questdata\Alien_Invasion\scripts\screen\101-85.zes (9):       SetString("lv12door10",0,"lv12door9");

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Re: Simple QD options you may not realize
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2010, 07:45:13 PM »
Heres some more you may have missed, they a little rusty, thus not 100% correct, as I haven't used QD in a number of years.

Odd size sprites
When editing a sprite, you can have odd sizing by ignoring the error message on the ok/apply button then clicking cancel. This happens as QD save it before checking if it's correct.

Code-Genie will help you finalize a word or statement if you press Ctrl + Space in the text editor.

Keyword-lookup means that when you press F1 during editing, the currently edited word will be looked up in the help file. Not very useful now days as the help file was last update on "Thursday, 12 August 2004" and I don't think it's include anymore.

Compile scripts in Code Genie
As with "Tip of the day", you can edit cgenie.conf to add tools such as the Compiler and Uncrustify to Code Genie. Sorry I no longer have the command I used to use, so you have to create it from scratch.
Code: [Select]
You can run programs from within Code-Genie. This is the command that lets you specify these tools. The format of the command is:
AddUserTool MenuName Command [Arguments] [Options] [InintialDir]

Arguments listed in brackets are optional. Their meaning are:
MenuName is the text that will appear in the Tools menu.
Command is the command to be executed
Arguments are the arguments for the command. Wildcards can also be specified.
Options: Two options are defined: CaptureOutput for capturing the output of console programs and displaying it on the Output Window and PromptForArguments for prompting for arguments just before runnig the tool. Both of these can be specified by OR-ing them. (e.g.: CaptureOutput|PromptForArguments ).
InitialDir will be the initial directory of the program. Some programs may require this to set correctly prior running.
In some cases you may want to leave an argument empty, but want to specify the next argument. In this case use the \0 escape-sequence. This is a null character, it indicates that the argument is empty.

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