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General Chit Chat / Re: Ohoh Man
« on: December 16, 2018, 08:35:40 AM »
Oh, [email protected] It's the Flying Dutchman! ;D

I'm doing good, all things considered. How goes the child raising and married life? ')

Fun House / Re: The Ultimate Final Countdown
« on: December 07, 2018, 12:49:17 PM »

Well, I DO run the place... ;p

Fun House / Re: The Ultimate Final Countdown
« on: December 06, 2018, 12:24:31 AM »

Chris Miller should join the Discord server :o

I would certainly like to see someone doing something interesting with overhead fantasy. Nothing specific comes to mind though.

Amusingly enough, I'm working on an idea like that. However, I don't feel like it has enough substance to it. Still trying to work that out before I get anything coded. Plus graphics are a pain to get without moneys. :o

News / A few things to note
« on: December 03, 2018, 07:22:07 PM »
Since KingofHeart had to push the issue to the point of me having to ban him not only from Discord but from the forum, as well, I feel something needs to be reiterated.

Ever since I first joined GU sixteen and a half years ago, there was a constant that was set up for ALL of GU. Not just the people here for the projects, or the ones here for the RPGs, or whatever. This place was Switzerland. Neutral ground. Flaming and trolling is not allowed because this is a place where people are supposed to be able to basically leave their various problems at the door and not have to worry about being picked on or laughed at. This has never been truly successful, but we've tried. And I'm just as guilty as the next person of going against that, but I've tried to keep it to a minimum.
Some people are going to find this pill hard to swallow, but I consider the GU Discord server as an extension of this website. And thusly, the same rules apply there that apply here.

To explain to those that may be unaware of what I'm talking about, late last night, KoH got into a heated debate last night with someone else, and ended up calling them a moron. And for the record, said person did the same thing KoH has done on a (barely) related topic, which was to base some from what was in a Youtube video. Now, unless it's from a channel directly linked to a major game company or a well know gaming news site like IGN, I wouldn't hold a candle to water on anything posted on Youtube as being truth, but that's not the point. A member was attacked, and KoH didn't even think anything of it, until later. 
Then, this afternoon, he decided to insult another member because of their gaming experiences. And once again, he felt like he did nothing wrong. Granted, there were about five members chatting at the time, so it was easy to misunderstand when getting yelled at about it, but everyone in chat was basically in various stages of requesting and/or telling KoH to stop. At this point, I'd told him myself to stop or I'd remove him. And so I ended up having to remove him. The ban on Discord is for 24 hours, because I ike to be fair and give people a chance.

However, he decided that since he was silenced on the Discord server, that he should post vehemently here on the forum about it. And when I removed his post, making it obvious that he shouldn't have done it, he posted again, and this time an even longer response. I should have set him a PM about it, but I had RL issues to deal with, and the ban was already placed on here, so he wouldn't be able to read it, I think. That ban is for two days.

I will say this now. This is not Youtube, where you say all the nasty things you want to. And there are no exceptions to this. I fully expect to be called out on it if I do it. And when you are told to stop, for the love all that is holy, stop.

Cover Story / Re: Atari VCS up for Preorder.
« on: November 27, 2018, 11:15:45 PM »

Don't support that console trash. They already scammed people who bought smart watches. High odds they'll scam you with the Atari console in one way or another.

As I said on Discord when you mentioned this on there, that Smartwatch scam was not from Atari. It is clearly marked as being started by someone else, operating as FMTwo Game Inc. Furthermore, the "Atari version" was listed as one of THREE versions. Check the campaign yourself here.

Please fact check your videos before you make claims of things like this, folks.

News / Discord? What's that?
« on: November 07, 2018, 01:38:52 PM »
Well, since I've gotten multiple requests over the years, I finally registered an account with Discord and set up a server (I hope). I'm new to this place, so bear with me if something is wrong.

Keep in mind that this is not intended for a replacement of the site. I have mentioned that I have something planned, and I do plan on implementing it, as soon as I'm comfortable with all the technology I plan on using for it. The Discord server is more of a replacement for the IRC server, really. We can chat in real time, like the good ole days (yes, I know, I'm old).

General Chit Chat / Re: Ohoh Man
« on: November 06, 2018, 06:48:50 AM »
Still here, but barely hanging on. Most of the active members have developed this thing called a life and jumped ship, at least temporarily

Hopefully my master plan won't fizzle out, this time. <.<

The Gaming Lounge / Re: LISA
« on: October 02, 2018, 02:27:26 PM »
A heads up for those (like me) that were interested in LISA, but never bought it: the latest Overwhelmingly Posistive Bundle on Humble Bundle has LISA in it.

Just a quick reminder, Megaman 11 is now available. I'm hoping to get it soon. Hopefully I'll have better luck playing it than I did Megaman X (issues getting through a platform heavy area right past the initial 8 stages).

I'd like to see a bridge story, as well. Maybe a manga if not a game (though a game would be freaking awesome!)

The Gaming Lounge / Re: Chrono Trigger ported to Steam>
« on: September 22, 2018, 01:12:08 PM »
They're also adding in DLSS and Ray-tracing to FFXV for people getting the new nVidia RTX cards so at least they are committed to some games. They just need to show more respect to the older games that got them to where they are now.

Where's the AMD love? :/

The Gaming Lounge / Re: Chrono Trigger ported to Steam>
« on: September 12, 2018, 11:07:19 AM »
Honestly, they must not care. If I am remembering correctly, every game they've ported to Winblows from the SNES and Playstation eras has been riddled with bugs on release. It's almost like they don't care.

The Gaming Lounge / Re: Chrono Trigger ported to Steam>
« on: August 23, 2018, 09:54:20 PM »
It's on sale until August 28th for $7.49, That's 50% off :o

Capcom has shown up on the radar again,and this time it's not another collector's set of old games.

That's right, a new game. Megaman 11, the newest game in the original series, is coming. And it looks awesome.Set for release on the current gen platforms (including Steam!), the storyline is pretty cool. Basically, after a fresh defeat at the hands of the Blue Bomber, Dr. Wily recalls a technology Dr. Light came up with long before he ever even thought of Rock. It's called the double gear system, and it was shelved due to the catastrophic effect it could cause in robots, if overused. Wily takes the tech and makes a fresh set of overlords, each with its own double geared abilities, and massive mayhem ensues.

Dr. Light quickly realizes the only way to make Megaman powerful enough to handle the new baddies is to equip him with the same tech, but he is hesitant to endanger his friend's systems. Megaman is having none of it, and so he gets the shinies, and the game starts.

Gameplay-wise, the new tech is awesome. It's called double gear, tight? Why? Because there are two gears usable (not normally at the same time). One is a "power" upgrade, that makes the buster shot more powerful etc etc. The other, on the other hand, speeds Megaman's systems up so fast that everything else in the world seems to be moving in slow motion. Thiese game mechanics are showcased fluidly in the footage I saw. The drawback that made this system so dangerous in the first place? A meter shows up over Megaman that indicates his systems overheating (he's basically being over-clocked, after all), and if the bar fills up, his systems start malfunctioning, basically. I think it basically means that the gears can't be used for a while ehile, until his systems get a chance to cool down.

But wait, there's more! Not highlighted in the actual demo, but hinted at by the reviewer, Capcom is looking to streamline a few features. Remember using the shoulder pads to change weapons? Nope, that's done (assumable by default) only the right analog stick. The double gears are activated and de-activated using the higher up controls. Rush has a button dedicated to him, and other similar things. It was also mentioned that there is supposed to be a shift towards actually using the sub-weapons more than just for bosses, basically meaning the buster cannon will be less efficient in elimination the common baddies.

Check out the footage for yourself here. Oh and the release date? October 2. Time to start saving!

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