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Title: If you thought the Megaman X collector's series were awesome news...
Post by: Rowan on August 23, 2018, 08:42:50 AM
Capcom has shown up on the radar again,and this time it's not another collector's set of old games.

That's right, a new game. Megaman 11, the newest game in the original series, is coming. And it looks awesome.Set for release on the current gen platforms (including Steam!), the storyline is pretty cool. Basically, after a fresh defeat at the hands of the Blue Bomber, Dr. Wily recalls a technology Dr. Light came up with long before he ever even thought of Rock. It's called the double gear system, and it was shelved due to the catastrophic effect it could cause in robots, if overused. Wily takes the tech and makes a fresh set of overlords, each with its own double geared abilities, and massive mayhem ensues.

Dr. Light quickly realizes the only way to make Megaman powerful enough to handle the new baddies is to equip him with the same tech, but he is hesitant to endanger his friend's systems. Megaman is having none of it, and so he gets the shinies, and the game starts.

Gameplay-wise, the new tech is awesome. It's called double gear, tight? Why? Because there are two gears usable (not normally at the same time). One is a "power" upgrade, that makes the buster shot more powerful etc etc. The other, on the other hand, speeds Megaman's systems up so fast that everything else in the world seems to be moving in slow motion. Thiese game mechanics are showcased fluidly in the footage I saw. The drawback that made this system so dangerous in the first place? A meter shows up over Megaman that indicates his systems overheating (he's basically being over-clocked, after all), and if the bar fills up, his systems start malfunctioning, basically. I think it basically means that the gears can't be used for a while ehile, until his systems get a chance to cool down.

But wait, there's more! Not highlighted in the actual demo, but hinted at by the reviewer, Capcom is looking to streamline a few features. Remember using the shoulder pads to change weapons? Nope, that's done (assumable by default) only the right analog stick. The double gears are activated and de-activated using the higher up controls. Rush has a button dedicated to him, and other similar things. It was also mentioned that there is supposed to be a shift towards actually using the sub-weapons more than just for bosses, basically meaning the buster cannon will be less efficient in elimination the common baddies.

Check out the footage for yourself here ( Oh and the release date? October 2. Time to start saving!
Title: Re: If you thought the Megaman X collector's series were awesome news...
Post by: Golden Warrior on September 08, 2018, 12:18:15 AM
I was not aware they were doing this, but I'm glad just the same. I like how the boss weapons change Mega Man's appearance beyond just his color now. I'll have to try out the double gear system when it comes out. I'm reserving judgement until then, but I am really glad he's getting his charge shot and slide abilities back. I wasn't too happy when they took them away in 9 and 10 with no in canon story explanation.

It doesn't look like there will be any canon story ties to the X series yet, but I'm hoping they eventually connect the two and explain what happened.
Title: Re: If you thought the Megaman X collector's series were awesome news...
Post by: Rowan on September 22, 2018, 01:13:41 PM
I'd like to see a bridge story, as well. Maybe a manga if not a game (though a game would be freaking awesome!)
Title: Re: If you thought the Megaman X collector's series were awesome news...
Post by: Rowan on October 02, 2018, 02:21:39 PM
Just a quick reminder, Megaman 11 is now available. I'm hoping to get it soon. Hopefully I'll have better luck playing it than I did Megaman X (issues getting through a platform heavy area right past the initial 8 stages).