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Title: E3 2018: Bethesda
Post by: Rowan on June 14, 2018, 01:35:48 PM
Bethesda Global Senior VP Pete Hines opened the show up after an intro clip basically touting the people that support the developers, whether it be the cooks at the studios that feed them, or the secretaries that answer the phones. They are ALL Bethesda. This was unexpected for me, and the fact that they did this was basically part of the theme that this whole process of games production and evolution does not end in the developers' chairs.

Before I get started on this one, be mindful that not a lot of info was revealed at E3 about some of the games. Announcements and confirmations (thank you, Walmart Canada) were made, but a lot of info is being saved for Quakecon, with will be August 9th - 12th. Dandel will be attending (he lives nearby and goes EVERY year), and may be able to give a good bit of info about the convention and what all happens there. Of course, Ill have to ask him real nicely, as this is a personal holiday for him ;p

Back to the show. Hines started off with a quick, humorous  shot at Walmart Canada, whom some of you may know revealed a lot of games a couple weeks back by revealing upcoming games. To quote Hines, "we're starting with a game that we announced a few weeks ago, through our friends at Walmart Canada, perhaps best known for their low prices and ability to keep a secret. So let's get started with a look at Rage 2."
Cue a horrible song performed by Andrew WK, "Ready to Die." This was just over the top. I was not impressed by the performance, and the little chatter I read about the conference mentioned it as being anti-climactic, for the most part. It did not seem to grab the attention of the audience. Think 80s rock done by a 2000s 40 year old.
Where was I? Oh, Rage 2. The impromptu concert was followed by Tim Willits, studio director at ID Software, and Magnus Nedfors, game director of Avalanche Studios. There was a bit of humor at Willits' cost, as Magnus is a full head and shoulders taller than him, and Bethesda likes to cut jokes, apparently. Cue gameplay footage, featuring abilities, weapons, and even a few vehicles you can use in the game. It is claimed that if you can see it, you can drive it. A demo of an actual mission is run, and it actually featured a cute little tv ad in the middle of the battle about a mutant head wall plague thingy that talks. Disturbing. Release is scheduled for Spring 2019, and much more info is supposed to be available at Quakecon (See? I told ya!)

Next came Christian van Hoose, Community Manager for The Elder Scrolls Legends, announcing  brand new, totally overhauled visuals, as well as new as releases later this year on Nintendo Switch, XBox One, and PS4. He went on to add that you can download immediately on PC, mobile, or tablet, and your progress would be carried over if you install on one of the other platforms upon release, through your account. Cue a video promoting the ease of getting into the game, the visuals, and, of course, the players (one of which was a young bonde female that grew a disturbingly well trimmed beard while playing. I wish it was that easy for me :/).

Next was Matt Firor (FIE roar, in case you're wondering ;p), Game Director of The Elder Scrolls Online. Firor started off reinforcing what Hines said at the start of the show, giving a shout out to his team, and then extending it to the players, of which he and his team are also. He said they go home "every day," and get in the game along with the rest of the over 11 million players in ESO, now (1 million in the last year, alone). He went on to remind everyone of the achievements with the game in the previous year (MMO of the Year, for the 3rd straight year, the release of the Morrowind expansion, amd just last weel, they released the Summerset expansion). But they're not done. They release DLC for ESO every quarter, and the next release will be called Wolfhunter, based on werewolves, and later this year a story DLC named Mirkmire ("We're going back to Black Marsh."), for those who've been asking for a deeper dive into Argonian lore and culture. Diror closed out his egment with a video highlighting the amazing stories that the player create by banding together and doing what they do, basically.

Following that was a clip showing hell on Earth, introducing Marty Stratton, Executive Producer, and Hugo Martin, Creative Director for Doom Eternal, the next in the series of the new Doom saga. Martin said that they've been inspired by what the community has said that they'd like to see next for the past two years. "You want the Doomslayer to feel even more powerful? Well, we got it! You want even more badass demons. Well there are more than twice as many in this game. You wanna see Hell on Earth? Well, we just teased it." Cue the momentous applause. Stratton took over, saying that they also wanted to mention the ton of features that will be going into Doom Eteran. BUT, you're going to have to wait, cause their team will be debuting the game at Quakecon, this August (I told you so!)

Next was Joshua Boyle, Commnity Manager for Quake Champions. The basic take away from Boyle was building upon the legacy of Quake as a community drive game, they will be holding major tournaments at Quakecon and Dreamhack Winter this year. For this week only, Quake Champions (which is still in early access, apparently) is FREE to download (this includes on Steam). New features to make the game easier to get into have recently been added, as well. It was stated that, if you download and install the game this week, during this promotion, you will be able to continue playing for free even after the promotion ends. Boyle closed out with a new trailer that was released to showcase a few things, including some of the characters you can play as, and also showcasing the Play for Free trial period, of June 10-17.

Next came Prey. Susan Kath, Production Manager, and Ricardo Bare, lead designer, started off on screen, mentioning the immediate release of a patch that added three new game modes: Story Mode, New Game+ (a huge comunity request), and Survival Mode. They then added that they've been working on a huge new DLC called Mooncrash, in which every time you play, it's different in some way. At this point the recording featured one of the small aliens materializing behind them and attacking, blacking out the screen, and going to a trailer for the new DLC. Link to the trailer ( This is where I complain about how catchy You Spin Me Round is. Following the trailer, Kath and Bare appeared on stage, to even further announce all things Prey. Coming later this year is Typhon Hunter (I hope that's how it's spelled), where one player gets to be human, and go up against five other players who are mimics, complete with the ability to look like everyday items in the game. Coffee mug, banana? (Bare said it, not me) This will be an intense multiplayer experience that just may ruin a few friendships. ;D

Enter Jerk (Yerk, you jerk!) Gustafsson, Executive Producer, and Jens Matthies, Creative Director of Machine Games, who started off reminding us about LAST year's game, Wolfensteain II, the New Colossus, where you played as BJ Blaskovitch and "beat the living (insert F bomb) out of those Nazis." They also mentioned that the game would be released on Nintebdi Switch on June 28, so you can beat on some Nazis on the go.  Next, they went on to announce the next Wolfenstein game, Youngblood, where you get to play as BJ's twin daughters in 1980s Paris. Note that they mentioned twin sisters. Yes, Youngblood will be a coop experience. Huzzah! Cue the trailer linked here ( Coming in 2019.

Hines returned out of nowhere. "Hi!" He came out to tout the VR program they unveiled way back at E3 2012, and went on to list the games that have already been released. Then he mentioned the new kids on the block. When Prey: Typhon Hunter comes out, you will also get a VR experience option. And a new game, Wolfenstein Cyberpilot, lets you take over Nazi robots and turn them against their masters, "in our...neverending quest to bring our message of (F bomb) Nazis to every platform possible."

Hines then brought in Todd Howard, Game Director at Bethesda Game Stupios, so he could "tell us what he and his team have been waiting so damn long to tell us about." Fallout 76. Now, Howard is a master at cutting right through the ice. He made growing up references to the various stages of the E3 show, including a joke about the show now being in it's twenties, able to handle its alcohol better etc etc. Then he continued saying that he knew most of the audience was here for one thing (insert a shout from the crowd "Get hammered!"). "I think it's to see where we're putting Skyrim next." Cue the video I linked to in my thread announcing that I would be writing up coverage of the various conferences, that introduces Skyrim Very Special Edition ( I really don't know how many people took this as a joke.
"Had to do it. Ok, now we're gonna talk about why you're really here." Fallout 76 is a prequel to all the other games. And it's the biggest one yet, at four times the size of Fallout 4. Set in the hills of West Virginia, you are one of the first to emerge from the Vaults. Roll that beautiful bean footage (! Vault 76 was built to commemorate America's tercentenary ("which is an awesome word, btw. That's your word of the night!"). You are one of the select few that has been selected to be a member of the Vault and 25 years later celebrate Reclamation Day: the day the vault opens. Howard goes on to mention that they always start with the world, and with the improvements to rendering, lighting, and landscape technology, they are allowed to have 16 times the detail, and even view distant weather systems across the map.
"Now, most people don't know West Virginia that well. It is an incredible array of natural wonders, towns, and government secrets. This is where the ACTUAL nuclear secrets are, and the quest that the Overseer sends you on will take you through six distinct regions, each with their own style, risks, and rewards." There are plenty of new Fallout creatures, including some influenced by the folklore of the area of West Virginia.
"We have always wanted to tell the story of what it would be like for you to be the first to leave the vaults. But there is a difference with this game. Each of those characters is a real person." You ARE able to play this solo. But this is an evolution of the game. People always talk about their experiences in games like this, but they've never been able to experience them together. Your character will not be tied to a specific server (which Howard said you won't even see a server at all). You will be playing with only a few dozen peple on each instance (my words). "It's the apocalypse, not an amusement park, people!" Death does not mean any loss of progression. You'll be able to join with your friends at any time, and your progression goes with you. This is portrayed as a new world in a way, and "fortunately, ours friends at Vault-Tec have created a series of instructional videos." Video Link (
Another video follows, featuring CAMPS, a mobile building platform. link (
"We love dynamic game systems. So we thought, why don't we put multiple nuclear missile sites on the map, and then let all of you do whatever you want with them." You obtain pieces of nuclear codes at random, and when you get a complete code (multiple players can combine their pieces), you can launch a missile at a location. link (
Fallout 76 will run on 100% dedicated servers, which will support this game for years to come. Howard continues the Fallout 76 segment with announcement of the Break-it Early Test Application (BETA, duh). He even makes a quip about reading on the internet that some of their games have bugs. "I did. I read it on the internet, so it's true." He then moves on to the special collector's edition, which will feature a map of the world "that glows in the f*&@ing dark." Figures also come with it that you can place on the map. And finally, there's a collectible that Howard said "I've alwways wanted, so we made it for everybody to buy: link (
The most important answer of them all? November 14, THIS year.

Howard continues on to mention it is the third anniversary of Fallout Shelter's announcement and release, commemorated by announcing the release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. "And yes, it's still free." They were released that night.

He continued on, mentioning that Fallout Shelter had been played by over 120 million people, more than all of their other games combined. This led him to mention that when they had looked at the iPhone years ago, they had a few ideas, FS being one of them. Another one that they had and Howard was pleased to announce, was far more ambitious, and had been worked on: The Elder Scrolls: Blades. link (
Blades is scheduled to be released on every platform imaginable, including VR, both at home and on cellular devices. And they are all connected. You could be in a meeting, playing in portrait mode on your phone (Howard mentioned it being ehst hr calls Meeting Mode) against someone at home in VR. And it's coming this fall. For free. Register for early access at (

Howard then moves on to future projects, beyond this year. Starfield, Bethesda's first wholly original IP, is coming. "Starfield is a game that we've spent years thinking about and workking on. Something we feel uniquely postioned to pull off, and that we're incredibly excited about. But...we're also building toward the game after that. And it's the one you keep asking about." Cue a video clip zooming through mist covered mountains and out to a massive view beyond. And the logo we've all been waiting to see. The Elder Scrolls VI (

"Ok, now I'm really done!"