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Title: Sound library help
Post by: Khatuni on April 12, 2011, 07:43:47 AM
Edit: Never mind, I fixed it...  Ack  :p Just delete this thread, ok?

I'm having trouble making a simple program in Dev-C++, that just plays a single sound. Apparently the recent versions of Fmod and OpenAL don't work well with Dev-C++ and the Mingw compiler, but Audiere should work on it ( (

Here's a tutorial I found for it (especially for Dev-C++): (
The one under "Day ONE". I did exactly as it says there. I only had to add  #include <iostream>  for it to compile. The program runs well, but it doesn't play the sound. (You're supposed to type the name of the sound, f.e. sound.wav and press Enter).

Since everything else works, it could well be a settings issue, or something with the linker list. Once this works, I'm sure the rest will be easier. I have to look at the possibilities, but I could add some more sound functions to the OZ source, such as reverb effects. I guess .ogg is definately better than .mp3 for games.

Can someone try out that tutorial and see if it just plays a sound? Thanks for your support.
Title: Re: Sound library help
Post by: KingOfHumans on April 12, 2011, 08:27:37 PM
I would delete it but I need to make a comment.
So does this mean you'll soon be able to improve the music options for the community version?
Title: Sound library help
Post by: Khatuni on April 13, 2011, 05:38:44 AM
Yes.  :cool: