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Title: Arts & Literature Guidelines
Post by: Mystara on April 14, 2006, 05:40:00 AM
I wish you would follow this, as its purpose is to make using A&E area more pleasing to us all. If you have something to say or ask about this, you can contact me or some other staff member.


1. Do not be afraid to comment. If you think you have something to say, say it. None will bite or forbid you to do so.
2. When you are looking at an art work and start to think what to comment, second of everything, try to be honest. You do not have to please anyone and I am sure the artist appreciades more the honest view than 25 ?That?s just cool? comments. BUT being honest does not mean you should be rude ? a polite comment gets understood better.

3. Before commenting, read the whole thread and what others have already commented about the work. Nothing is more frustating than reading many comments repeating same thing. For example ?Good job but font doesn?t fit? ?I like the banner but the font doesn?t seem right? etc. Same thing in different words billions of times. No thank you. I am sure you can find something unique to say.

4. Remember you are giving critique about the work, not the artist. Try to be objective and do not let what you think of the person who made the work to affect to that do you like or do not you like about the work.

5. Always try to explain why. If you do not like something, tell the reason honestly. Same if you like about it. When ever you comment, explaining is good as it gives something to the artist.

Things you can tell about the art work:

- What things you like, why
- What things you do not like, why
- What caught your attention first when you looked at the work, why
- What do you see in the picture
- Is there some idea in the picture, if so, what it is
- Is there something you would want done differently, why
- Did the work give you some thoughts, associations, ideas etc.
- Does the artist always use similar style
- Would you have some tips how to make the work better, examples
- You can ask things about the work if something bugs you a lot

One thing is really important when you comment ? Use time. In three minutes you can say that the work is good or that it sucks, in seven minutes you can tell why, in ten minutes you can say a lot more already.

As a tip, do not say anything what you would not want to hear by yourself.

Attention Artists!

There are a lot of fine artists here. Here are some things I?d ask you to do when you post your art work.

1. Tell something about the work, for example why you did it, how much time it took, is there something specific you?d like to hear about. Some people may find it hard to comment if you only put the title of the thread and the work there. It gives more to others when you tell something.
2. If the work you?ve done is a big picture, like wall paper, or the banner you?ve made if the sort it?d strech the screen, link it
3. Tell in the title of the thread what it is about. For example if it is a banner, use the [Banner] tag or some how annouce the thread has banner(s) in it. Same with other art works. Try to avoid style ?Omgah another suxxor!? titles.
3b. Name your work if possible
4. If you are using parts in your work which you have borrowed from another site or work, it is recommended that you tell where you got it. (For example renders)
5. Remember only to post your own work
6. Please respect your own work, if you say at start that "Oh f*** this s***ks so badly" do you really assume that others would think better about it? Don't do that.

NOTE! When you read the comments you have gotten, remember that they are not the law, you do not have to follow what is said if you do not feel like it. Comments and critique are just others opinions. If you like your work most as it is and others does not, you do not have to change the work just to please them.


You can post nude art, IF AND ONLY IF it?s all Softcore. We?re trying to keep the forums PG-13 after all. If you have adult material (18+) you?d like to get comments on, you can post it to the Adult Section (, which you can find under The Library. It?s password protected, thus you need to contact a staff person to get access to it.

Although the Adult Section is mainly for literature based material, you're allowed to post visual pieces there too.
Title: Posting Literature Work
Post by: Mystara on November 19, 2007, 05:49:09 AM
General Rules

1. When posting your work, the title needs to be clear and polite. Titles considered unproper will be changed. It would be preferred if you could tag your work with [Poetry], [Story], [Short story] or something similar to give out a small hint to the users what it is about.

2. Stories and other texts which are purely pornographic, insulting or just splattering with violence belong to the Adult Section.

3. Posting someone else's work as your own is not tolerated. If you're caught and you don't have the permission from the original author to post the work, the work will get removed and you receive a warning, when continued, a punishment.

4. Texts and conversations over 4 months old should not be brought back up and it will count as gravedigging if so happens. Only exceptions are if, and only if, the story you're commenting to haven't received any comments or you think you can point out something important about it. Authors have a right to gravedig their own works to update them or if s/he wants to open the conversation about this work again.

5. Give critique about the work, not the person who wrote it.

If you are unsure is your work insulting any rules, please contact a staff member and discuss it before posting to avoid misunderstandings and unwanted situations.

Commenting Other User's Written Art

This is a free guide for people who want to say something about the texts posted in the library. The following things are not rules, but they may help you to comment if it feels some how difficult or you would want to give something more to the writer.

The first thing to remember is not to be afraid to comment or to add your thoughts about the text. You don't have to have a grade from university on verbal arts to be able to give something useful for the author, nor do you need to know how to write an analyzing report of the deepest meaning of the text.

Some texts may be hard to comment, but even the most simple things are things that writers like to hear. A good start is telling if you like it or not. To add something more, it's also good to know how to explain why you like something or why you didn't, because that already tells a lot to the author.

Most important thing when giving comments is that you use time and aren't afraid to stop thinking while you read. Also, if the text (when you're reading) gives you some thoughts, it's good to write them down immediatly because it's unlikely that you remember them after you've read the whole text, especially if it's a long text.

For example, if you like a character a lot, you could stop to think why you like it. Is it how the character is described? Is it how the character talks? Is it something in the way the character goes through things?

For example: "I like this [insert something] because of how the words go along each other/because the characters are interesting/etc."

If you want to add even more, it's good to explain the why behind the why.

For example: "I like this [insert something] because the characters were really interesting. The way they were build up by using the other characters to reflect them was very nice..."

Also, it's good to read the whole thread before posting your own comment, because someone else may already have noticed the same thing or disagrees with something you liked, etc. This may give you something more to comment about or give you some new views and thoughts about the text.

Questions that can help you when you are reading the text:

- Are the characters realistic?
- Do the characters fit in the world of the text?
- What kind of world is the world of the text?
- What feelings does the text give you?
- Does the text remind you of something you've read/seen before?
- Is there something in the story you don't like?
- Does something in the text feel out of place?
- If the text was yours what changes would you make, or what things would you have written different?