What is the Gameboy SmartCard? It's an awesome device you should get if you enjoy Gameboy and Gameboy Color games. Below is a picture. You simply plug in a USB cable from your computer to this rewritable cartridge and load whatever you want one it. It can hold multiple games at once. It has 64 megabits (8 megabytes) to hold your games. Best of all it's relatively cheap atleast at the time of this writing. Kitsch-Bent sells them for $39. That is where I bought mine from. However there are some limitations and issues to address. The cartridge isn't emulating the mappers known as MBCs in the Gameboy world. It's instead like a MBC5 with Master Registers which the majority of games don't care about. However due to how some games are programmed they may unintentionally or sometimes purposefully write to the Master Registers which have no write protection option and they will get trashed. The game will ofcourse crash. Others write zero to the bank register and this behavior is different on the MBC5 versus previous versions and can cause a crash if the game actually intends to see bank one instead of zero. Myself and others took up the task of patching some of the games that have these problems so they can be played on the SmartCard. Fixes available are listed below. They fix problems the games have running on the SmartCard. So if you're having trouble running a game and it's in the list below then you need a fix for it to work properly! Absolutely no ROMs or copyrighted material is available from this site. Patches only.

I have written a new menu for the cartridge as well. The new menu is superior to the old one because it offers save game management so you can have multiple saves stored on your cartridge at once. The original menu only allows 1 save at a time. My menu will let you have many saves and you can change your games stored on the card without affecting your ability to access your save data later on.

Tip: If you play a Super Gameboy game while using the multi-cart menu you will not get the SGB palette and borders after selecting the game in the menu. Just reset the SNES system and you will. 

SmartCard 64M Menu by: MottZilla

Fixes By: MottZilla
Fixes By: Great Hierophant