The third project is an extension of the second project. I decided to take Splatter House further and ported it to Nintendo MMC-3. The reason for this was because when building a reproduction cartridge, FME-7 is only in one game. That is Batman Return of the Joker. Too good of a game to sacrifice in my opinion. Also, if you have an emulator that doesn't support FME-7 it is much more likely to support MMC-3. And above all, MMC-3 is cheap and in alot of games.

Everything plays just fine in the MMC-3 port. However the ROM had to be expanded to compensate for the inferior graphics banking abilities of the MMC-3. I'd like to know why Nintendo designed the MMC-3 with the strange CHR-ROM banking limitations. They were so close to being on par with japanese mappers of the same time but instead you have to wait for MMC-5 and FME-7 for that.  Splatter House also required alot of time and effort trying to reverse engineer how the game handled alot of graphics related things and making alot of changes to it. Really this was a much bigger project than the last two by alot. It was my favorite project though.

Because this patch changes massive amounts of data a simple IPS patch is not practical. Instead there is a Win32 patcher program. The patcher was coded in C++. It will handle the whole patching process. All you have to do is tell it the filename of your Splatter House ROM file.

For building a reproduction you will need one of these boards: TKROM, TLROM, or TSROM. These are the only boards that support 256Kb of CHR-ROM. This port is also handy if you emulator does not support Namco 106 as most emulators make a point of supporting major mappers like MMC-3. Enjoy.

Important Note: It was brought to my attention much later that this hack had a bug in it causing graphics problems. Use Game Genie patch code
EZLVAZ to fix this. Or Hex Edit the file at $1E248 and change $C0 to $A0. This hack will get it to behave properly. If I ever make a version 1.3 it will incorperate this fix.

Download Splatter House - Wanpaku Graffiti (J) [MMC3] Patch v1.2