My second project was one I found more enjoyable and is a game I like much more than the Star Wars from Japan. Next up is Splatter House - Wanpaku Graffiti. Take Splatter House where you are the hero (who was strangely burried in a hockey mask with an axe) and rise from the dead to kill a bunch of things and save the girl, then make it look cute. That's pretty much the game. It's a good game, fun with nice graphics and animation.

This game was also Namcot 106 just like the previous Star Wars game I did. Again I converted to Sunsoft FME-7. The reason being that it was the only US released memory mapper, and only PowerPAK supported mapper that could handle the graphics banking without me having to do alot of extra work. I would like to get it running on MMC3, but it would require that extra work. This hack is completely documented. If you are interested in trying to make a MMC3 patch, you could start from my FME-7 and use my documentation to get you started quick. Anyway, I highly recommend this patch for anyone with a PowerPAK so they can play this game.

Update: I have since ported this game to Nintendo MMC-3.

Titlescreen & Gameplay & Game Over

Download Splatter House - Wanpaku Graffiti (J) [FME-7] Patch