The fourth project was done on request. It is the Buzz & Waldog prototype that found its way to the internet. The game uses its own custom mapper which many emulators don't support. First thing I did was ported it to the very nice Sunsoft FME-7 like my previous projects. There were a few moments where I was confused for a minute by what was going on the with the game. But it all got worked out fast. I'm not releasing the FME-7 version though, as like SplatterHouse I took it all the way to MMC-3. Unfortunately the game won't work on any MMC3 board. You'll need a TKSROM board, or a similar board would have to be modified. But this should work in most emulators and works on the excellent PowerPAK.

The main difference between this and other MMC3 boards is it uses One-Screen mirroring.

Download Buzz & Waldog (U) [MMC3] Patch v1.0