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General Chit Chat / Re: *CPR on GU*
« on: February 23, 2014, 05:38:57 PM »
Nothing specific about it having to be the latest games. That said I'd like to keep the focus for main reviews on relatively recent stuff if possible. Initially we'll have to take what we get. Classic game reviews would ideally be a separate thing, as they'd need their own standards.
I eventually want to have a manifesto posted up to Senior Lounge regarding all the specific details over GU Reporter and allow people to look over them/give suggestions. I was going to do this tonight, but I've ended up far too hyper to concentrate so I may push it back to tomorrow if I can't concentrate after dinner.

General Chit Chat / Re: *CPR on GU*
« on: February 23, 2014, 02:52:52 PM »
I've got a couple of reviews I put on GameFAQs that got rated really high. Two got nominated for review of the month, and one of them won, getting me a $30 amazon gift card.

The games were: CastleVania: Lament of Innocence and Muramasa Rebirth.

I am looking for other people to do reviews too, as there's a limit to how many reviews I can simply do on my own (mostly due to money), so if you're interested in doing regular reviews, let me know. I think we're going to follow GiantBomb's format of using a five star review, a few images, and around six to fourteen paragraphs per review. Keep things relatively simple starting out.

You play GW2???

What server? [/hijacking thread]

Both me and Myst play on Tarnished Coast, although you can guest to any server in Guild Wars 2.

General Chit Chat / Re: *CPR on GU*
« on: February 16, 2014, 03:54:55 PM »
I like both ideas, MoH. I already intended to have a mix between them. It's all a time, thing, though. I think we're best suited to have GU start off with the news, reviews etc on the GUR side, and later, as Yggdrasil gets much further in development, I'll open the gates for that, hopefully with a decent editor to work with.

I like that there are more people interested in getting this going, though. Sophia, how do you think we should implement GUR? We could try setting up something similar to how the News board's topics are pulled onto the main page now, or we can do something else if you have a better idea on it.

I was actually thinking something akin to the news board page, yeah. As long as it puts the articles front and center and gives us some image support. Is category support possible too? It's not needed to start as each article can be manually tagged, but eventually we'd need it.

Resogun review done, and some images captured for it. I did some proof-reading over it to look for mistakes, but I'm sure others will catch stuff once I post it up. I'll write up a preview for Titanfall as well to go along with it.

General Chit Chat / Re: *CPR on GU*
« on: February 15, 2014, 10:46:42 PM »
Method #2 with the GoNintendo/Kotaku style idea is basically what I had in mind, so you're already on the same track as me. We can simultaneously keep user generated contributor content to the user, while promoting it virtually under one name.

I'm going to start writing up a review of Resogun tonight right now. Maybe even get on the PS4 and capture some images for it.

All we need now is basically a site for that information.

General Chit Chat / Re: *CPR on GU*
« on: February 15, 2014, 07:40:05 PM »
Somehow I don't think advertising to a bunch of TF2 like that is going to bring activity to GU, KOH.

That said... I give you credits for at least trying, even if you're advertising to the wrong kind of people. You're on the right track, at least. But we need to reach a wider audience for that kind of advertising to work. We also need to show the site is effective too.

Fun House / Re: Blame MOH for anything :)
« on: February 15, 2014, 07:24:39 PM »
MOH, I blame you for why this topic hasn't been posted in it at least 120 days.

General Chit Chat / Re: *CPR on GU*
« on: February 15, 2014, 07:03:36 AM »
What exactly do you suggest is wrong with the main page? I set it up to get content from the forum as far as new posts (to the left), and the main bulk currently pulls directly from the News board.

As for GUR, I'd like to set up something for it, but not necessarily on the main page. We can work on that idea, though. As for the team, it doesn't necessarily need to be only people from GU, if you have other people you're interested in bringing into it.

The current main page as it is now is... ugly. Downright amateurish, even. Partially because it looks unfinished and disorganized. The intended art style itself isn't too bad, but there is a lot of wasted space and nothing on it quite aligns with each other. No working theme forum to go with it doesn't help either.

It also currently tells nothing about the site. Or it's purpose. Nor does it draw any attention to it. Giant walls of texts and forum information that is useless to the casual viewer who might come by it. Look at how Giant Bomb's website is designed for a front page. Immediately there are pictures, and big articles. The top four things are all major articles and they're given emphasis right away. Or look at how Stencyl has its front page. Again, immediate attention drawn to the project it is advertising with big images. You don't see anything news related. While those specific layout might be unsuited to GU's content, the general idea is putting focus on what matters. It should directly and immediately bring the viewer's attention to the projects that GU has. That means sections for Children of the Void, Open Zelda, and GU Reporter. Not the news articles, which should be below them or in a sub page.

In regards to bringing people outside of Reporter, that'll come with content. Right now I'm thinking of splitting the content into two types. One will consists of News (probably done by me for the foreseeable future), Previews, and Reviews; the other type of content will be more contributor content (think along the likes of MOH's videos) such as guides and opinion pieces. I'm going to write up a few reviews for the PS4 games I have currently (starting with Resogun in a day or so) and try to write up a preview article for Titanfall should I get into the beta. Once some content is there and the main/sub page is suited to advertise this content, I can start promoting it on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other means. This should draw in users on its own.

General Chit Chat / Re: *CPR on GU*
« on: February 15, 2014, 02:43:44 AM »
Eesch. The forum software still does double quotes. Been awhile since I've seen a website do that.

Mystara and Sophia!?!?

Welcome back you two! XD

I've never been truly gone. While I self-locked myself out of my account for a little bit, I've kept in constant contact with SDG, Janus, Mystara, and Hege. As well as not so constant contact with LID and Rowan. Heck, I pretty much talk to Myst, Janus, and SDG on a daily basis...

I'm extremely active over at another big video game site called NeoGAF, and a regular part of the Persona community there. Made quite a few lifelong friends out of it, and learned a ton of social skills along the way.

If anyone wants to follow me on Twitter, go for it. I'm extremely active at almost all times of the day. Anyone else use Twitter and want to share?

1. The main page was an implementation I did of a theme Kratheous was working on in static HTML. As is usual with him, he disappeared before finishing with the theme. I tried getting in contact with him on FB, but he never responded to my messages.

2. Helios IS complete. It came from (I think) SSMF's site as a placeholder until or if the unique theme was finished. What menu issues are you talking about? I haven't noticed anything wrong.

3. Last time we had that crap, it was cluttered. That's why we don't have it now. I'll look into it, though.

You might want to consider using a basic front page with the forum layout then, and remove as much clutter as possible. Seeing as Kratheous has disappeared, there is little point in putting faith into him for now. Looking into more immediate solutions to solve the problem is what we should be doing, as having an active and working front page is far more important.

And it seems the issues were actually with the generic SMF themes, not Helios. My bad. The menus at the top work fine now.

And another question I have, one not entirely directed at Rowan. What's been going on over at Stencyl and have you considered anything with them?

6. I don't have much time to devote to that. However, if you get a team together for it, I'm all for reviving it.

I'd be more then willing to revive it and do a good share of the gruntwork in regards to writing articles and news, but assembling a team with the current users would be difficult. There does not appear to be too many people active anymore. Need to see who is all willing. 

As far as I see it, we'd need a few things before reviving the idea. At the basic we need a front page for articles, and a sub forum for discussion of said articles. We also need at least one other person who is willing to contribute simply more then just news. Someone who can write opinion articles on games, who is willing to accept critcisms and suggestions regarding their work, and has a basic enough understanding of how social media works so they can spread the news on it. I hear KOH's brother has been doing videos on his YouTube channel. This is exactly the kind of person who would be good for such a project.

On that note KOH, if you're still around, let your brother know I added him to Steam as well as Twitter and would like to get in contact about him over this. I would largely want him to focus on video content, and keep things as he's doing it now. But this time, as a part of GU. If you're interested, the offer is also opened to you, assuming you're willing to dedicate effort to it.

And as I mentioned to Myst, if we can get up and get going, I can spread the word via social media and we can potentially get a few partnerships and acquaintances too.  I know someone who'd probably be willing to jump on the idea of a partnership should we get the basics off the ground.

EDIT: I talked with Jeremy in chat, and he seems to be on board with helping with content on a casual basis. That makes one person. I've got a few other people that I need to ask too.

The Gaming Lounge / Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
« on: February 10, 2014, 06:34:58 PM »
Anyone else play this? I'm currently on the Adamantoise server, and it's been one of the best experiences I've had in a long time with Final Fantasy or MMORPGs.

Here's my awesome Paladin.

General Chit Chat / Re: *CPR on GU*
« on: February 10, 2014, 06:00:04 PM »
Browsing through the roleplaying forums and visiting old posts.... I must admit, this is kind of nostalgic. While my life is still a complete mess, I feel a lot more confident and stable then I was back then. Not to mention my social skills have improved.

General Chit Chat / Re: *CPR on GU*
« on: February 10, 2014, 05:10:49 PM »
Seeing that the IRC has been revived (major kudos to SDG taking the initiative there) I do have a few questions to ask regarding the state of the site.

1. What's with the main page? Is there someone working on it? Are they active? Do they intend to finish it? I notice there was a completely unfinished forum style related to it, but I had to rely on Myst to help find it.

2. Seeing as the Helios Multi theme appears to be the most complete, how easy would it be to clean up the few issues with the menus and migrate every current user over to it? Right now there are four selectable themes (one of which is unfinished), so keeping consistency across the board would do wonders for attracting new users.

3. Assuming that the main page is not finishable for whatever reason, is there a means of applying a standard front page using the Helios Multi theme? I remember we used to have something like this with the forum software.

4. Is GU Fighter still being actively developed? From the forum layout, it appears to be dead (no new posts in almost over a year)

5. Why is a moderator's personal pet project pinned atop The Gaming Longe forum? Again, it appears to be dead, and no offense Aegis but I've seen your posts over at Byuu's website. You've got motivation, but I suspect you lack the talent, people, or initiative to finish it. Am I incorrect in this regard?

6. Does anyone remember the old GU Reporter idea that Eliwood had all the way back? Would people be interested in reviving this as a means of attracting attention to the site? I'm limited in the technical aspects, and I have no art skills, but I have an extremely keen eye for organization and such. With some assistance, we could easily keep up on all the latest gaming news and provide personal reviews and previews.

7. I made a mibbit chat link that directs to the new IRC channel and automatically brings the user into it. Would it be possible to get this linked to or embedded into the website somehow?

General Chit Chat / Re: I know just what this place needs.
« on: February 10, 2014, 04:38:20 PM »

Here is a mibbit link that can be used. If you are on Windows, I recommend using HexChat or Quassel IRC

Don't use mIRc. It has long since been outdated and there are much superior options on Windows that are free as well.

Also, long time no see, GU.  I saw the chat was alive again thanks SDG and added it to my many IRC servers. Maybe I'll start posting again as well.

The Gaming Lounge / Re: LTTP 2(not just a remake)
« on: April 21, 2013, 04:45:17 AM »
Meh, I can't justify buying a 3DS atm. Maybe I'll get one after this game's secrets are all over the place like LttP's were a couple months after release. It'd be really cool if the Big N would release some of their games for the PC. :/

In what version of the year 1991 did you live in where all the secrets were known in a couple of months? :p

The Gaming Lounge / Re: Wireless Headphones help
« on: December 23, 2012, 12:30:38 PM »
You would need something like these:

Basically, you either need a pair of wireless headphones that can hook up over RCA (such as the Sennheiser I just linked) or you need a headphone amp to connect the wireless headphones to the TV.

With the Sennheiser ones above, you'd take the two red and white audio cords from the Wii and plug them into the headphone's receiver instead of the TV.

I should probably warn you that any wireless headphones you get are not going to be terribly high quality. Lower end ones often have interference, and even the higher end ones won't match that of a good pair of wired ones for the same price.   

The Gaming Lounge / Re: Wireless Headphones help
« on: December 22, 2012, 05:31:43 PM »
The headphones you bought only have a 3.5mm jack as far as I can tell, which means you'd need an amplifier of sorts that could connect to the Wii (such as the Astro MixAmp) to use them.

And no, the Wii will not recognize USB headphones, so don't even try.

EDIT: Further examination of these headphones reveals that they are CAR HEADPHONES as you can tell by their Amazon category. You completely wasted your money and should get a refund if possible.

Those Does the Wii have an infrared audio sender? It looks like these headphone are designed for a unit with a sender already on it (I guess a lot of car DVD players do), but I couldn't find any reference to the Wii having an infrared audio transmitter on it. You might need to buy a sending unit.

No the Wii does not have an infrared audio receiver built into it.  I'm not sure why Aegis would magically expect those headphones to work.

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