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Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, announced today that the next-gen console versions will be arriving in August. On Xbox One  it will cost $19.99, and those who own the 360 version will be offered the upgrade price of $4.99 as well as the option to transfer their saves forward. Likewise, those who own the PS3 version of Minecraft will receive the Vita version for no extra cost (Cross-buy!), and will be able to upgrade to the PS4 for $4.99. Standalone, the PS3/Vita version and the PS4 version will be $19.99. Most DLC for last generation console versions will transfer over to the next generation versions, except for those with licensing issues. The Xbox One and PS4 versions will not be cross-platform online with the earlier versions, due to the bigger world sizes available.


GU Reporter / $399 Kinect-less Xbox One model announced.
« on: May 13, 2014, 10:19:50 AM »
Microsoft announced today that a new model Xbox One would be hitting the market for $399. This new model does not come with a Kinect sensor, and will be shipping to all markets on June 9th. See the press release below for more details, including new details on the Xbox paid subscription features that are part of Xbox Gold.

Since the beginning, we have focused on delivering great games and entertainment experiences for you. Your feedback matters to us and it shapes the products and services we build. Your feedback showed up in the Xbox One console we launched back in November and in the monthly updates we’ve delivered since.

Today, we’re excited to share more ways your feedback is impacting the products we build.

First, beginning on June 9th, in all markets where Xbox One is sold, we will offer Xbox One starting at $399*. This is a new console option that does not include Kinect. For $399, our new Xbox One offering will continue to deliver access to the best blockbuster games like “Titanfall,” “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” “Forza Motorsport 5,” “Dead Rising 3,” and the upcoming “Watch Dogs,” “Destiny” and "Sunset Overdrive." You will also be able to access popular entertainment apps, such as Twitch, YouTube, and Netflix, as well as watch live TV and use OneGuide.  Finally, you will continue to be able to use many of the unique features of Xbox One including the ability to get game invites while you watch TV, switch between games and entertainment apps, enjoy Twitch broadcasts, and upload your favorite gaming moments.

Next, we’re bringing more value to Xbox Live Gold members and offering all Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners access to entertainment apps whether or not you have an Xbox Live Gold membership.  In early June, here is what you can expect from the new generation of Xbox Live:

    Free games with Games with Gold**. Since Games with Gold launched on Xbox 360 a year ago, over 12 million people have enjoyed great free games, resulting in nearly 200 million hours of free fun playing Games with Gold titles. We’ve been learning from your feedback and have focused on making improvements each month to the selection of titles. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Games with Gold for Xbox 360 and as a thank you for helping shape this program, members will receive an additional free Xbox 360 game in June. The Games with Gold titles for Xbox 360 in June are “Dark Souls,” “Charlie Murder” and a bonus game of “Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.” We’re pleased to bring Games with Gold to Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One in June. Members will have subscription-based access to free games ranging from top hits to breaking indie stars. The program will launch on Xbox One with “Max: The Curse of Brotherhood” and “Halo: Spartan Assault.” A single Gold membership will get you access to the free games for both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

    Exclusive Discounts. Deals with Gold will also launch for Xbox One in June, delivering discounts for great games each month, with significant savings for Xbox Live Gold members. The first titles offered in June will include “Forza Motorsport 5,” “Ryse: Son of Rome,” and a few other surprises. In the coming months, we will offer significant savings of up to 50 – 75 percent off certain titles. This program will continue to be available for Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox 360. And new on Xbox One, we will launch a virtual VIP room exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members where we will feature free games, monthly deals, and other great benefits.

    Popular entertainment apps will be available for all Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners. Xbox 360 has been a leader in delivering entertainment experiences for years, with over 170 global entertainment apps and experiences available today. We’re constantly adding new partners and experiences to the growing catalog on Xbox One. Coming in June, anyone with an Xbox will be able to access popular entertainment experiences – whether or not you have an Xbox Live Gold membership. This includes great gaming apps like Machinima, Twitch and Upload, popular video services like Netflix, Univision Deportes, GoPro, Red Bull TV and HBO GO, sports experiences like the NFL app for Xbox One, MLB.TV, NBA Game Time, NHL Game Center and more.*** Microsoft experiences including Internet Explorer, Skype, OneDrive and OneGuide will also be available to all Xbox customers.**** You can find a full list of apps and features that will be available below.

We’ve heard that you want more choices from Xbox One. You want a wide variety of options in your games and entertainment experiences and you also want options in your hardware selection.

To be clear, as we introduce this new Xbox One console option, Kinect remains an important part of our vision.  Many of you are using Kinect for Xbox One every day. In fact, more than 80 percent of you are actively using Kinect, with an average of 120 voice commands per month on each console. Some of the most popular voice commands include “Xbox On,” “Xbox Broadcast” and “Xbox Record That.” We will continue to offer a premium Xbox One with Kinect bundle to deliver voice and gesture controls, biometric sign-in, instant personalization, instant scanning of QR codes, and enhanced features only available with Kinect in games such as “Kinect Sports Rivals,” “Just Dance 2014,” “Project Spark” and more.   

If you buy Xbox One for $399 and later decide you want to have all the experiences Kinect enables, we will also offer a standalone sensor for Xbox One later this fall. We’ll share more details about the standalone Kinect for Xbox One in the coming months.


Press Release.


Blizzard announced today via press release that the console version of the Diablo 3 expansion pack, "Diablo® III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition", would be coming to consoles on August 19. This version includes both the original Diablo 3 as well as the expansion pack, and retails for $59.99 on PS4 and Xbox One, and $39.99 on PS3 and 360.

On August 19, the Angel of Death invades console systems everywhere as Diablo® III: Reaper of Souls™ - Ultimate Evil Edition™ launches on the PS3™, PS4™, Xbox 360®, and Xbox One®. Prepare your living room now, nephalem, because by summer's end you'll face off against Death himself—with up to four players banding together on a single TV screen.

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition is filled to the brim with fast-paced action, awe-inspiring heroes, and legendary treasure. It features all the content included in the Reaper of Souls expansion set, as well as Acts I through IV of the original Diablo III for those who have yet to vanquish the Lord of Terror on console.

The Ultimate Evil Edition goes on sale August 19 at select retail locations for a suggested retail price of $59.99 USD for the PS4 or Xbox One and $39.99 for the PS3 or Xbox 360. Keep in mind that this announcement is still fresh and retailers may require several days to get their pre-order pages set up, but here's an early look at the Infernal Pauldrons pre-order bonus item to whet your appetites:

Pre-order & get Infernal Pauldrons! Infernal Pauldrons require an internet connection to be redeemed.

Wearable at level 1, these devilishly handsome shoulder plates provide bonuses to Vitality, Life per Second, and Cooldown Reduction, and are primed and ready for transmogrification. The key for the Infernal Pauldrons can be found in any launch day copy of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. (Please note that the Infernal Pauldrons key requires an Internet connection to be redeemed and cannot be transferred across platforms.)   

We'll have more information on where and how you can pre-order the Ultimate Evil Edition shortly, but in meantime, don't forget to stock up on extra console controllers for your friends. We'll see you soon, heroes . . . in Westmarch!

Press release.

Nintendo announced today that remakes of the Game Boy Advance titles Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire would be making their way to the 3DS. Named Pokemon: Omega Ruby and Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire. Not much more information was given beyond a teaser trailer and a worldwide release date for November 2014.


Trailer link

Alpha Sapphire logo.

Omega Ruby logo.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

Announcing Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems! Prepare for an epic adventure exploring a world filled with Pokémon!

Pokémon fans first enjoyed Pokémon Ruby Version and Pokémon Sapphire Version when it launched in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance. Now, a whole new generation of Pokémon fans will experience the dramatic storyline that unfolds in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

Look forward to Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire when the games launch worldwide in November 2014!

GU Reporter / PS4 1.70 Firmware update is live.
« on: April 30, 2014, 06:15:06 PM »
The 1.70 Firmware update for the Sony PlayStation 4 is now live. New features include the SHAREfactory editing software, a redesigned streaming UI, HD Streaming, HDCP off, direct USB capture and more. Just turn on your PS4 to start the download and updating process.

See below for more details.

PlayStation 4 v1.70 Update

    SHAREfactory: After you update your PS4 to v1.70, an icon to download our free SHAREfactory app will appear on your PS4 system’s home screen once it’s available. Once installed, SHAREfactory allows you to easily customize your gameplay videos with special effects, video commentary with picture-in-picture capability through PlayStation Camera, and custom soundtracks using the included audio tracks or your original music imported from a USB drive. You can then share your videos on Facebook or export them to an external USB storage device. The app is packed with plenty of cool, but accessible, tools. It’s simple enough to use for beginning editors, while functioning as a rich video editor for those with more creative aspirations. Check out our new SHAREfactory video that provides a walkthrough of what you can expect:

    Automatic Pre-download: No more waiting until after a game is released to start downloading select pre-ordered games from PlayStation Store. This new feature allows you to get to your games faster by automatically downloading select pre-ordered games up to several days in advance of the release, so that it’s ready to play as soon as the game is released on launch day. There’s also a countdown timer prior to the release of the game so you’ll know how soon your game will be available for you to start playing.
    Option to Disable HDCP for Games: This highly requested feature will allow you to have the option to turn off HDCP for games so you can capture longer gameplay sessions directly from your HDMI output and export them elsewhere.
    USB Export Option for Captured Gameplay: It’s now even easier to show off your heroic gaming moments and the SHAREfactory videos you create with the world using this feature to export your videos and screenshots to a USB drive. Just click on the DUALSHOCK 4 SHARE button, save your gameplay on a USB drive, and then share your proudest achievements on other social networks and other video platforms.
    Live Broadcasting in HD and Archiving Support: We’ve increased the resolution for live broadcasts so you and your friends can watch games livestreamed in 720p HD. You can also archive your broadcasts on Twitch or Ustream and watch them again later.
    New SHARE Options: We’ve got a number of new SHARE settings that will give you better control of what you want to share with your friends. Here is what you can look forward to:
        Change the default gameplay recording time in the SHARE menu under Video Clip Settings.
        Save only the video clips and screenshots you want by selecting Upload Screenshots or Upload Video Clips for each capture. Also upload video clips and screenshots during your live gameplay broadcasts.
        Select specific Facebook audiences to share each video or screenshot with.
    New DUALSHOCK 4 Options: New light bar settings have been added for DUALSHOCK 4, allowing you to change it to Bright, Medium or Dim in the Settings menu. The touchpad has also been updated, allowing you to navigate the on-screen keyboard using the DUALSHOCK 4 touchpad.
    New Friends Options: It’s now easier to find Friends and send requests with the ability to search Friends-of-Friends, view Mutual Friends on another user’s profile, and accept Friend requests directly from the Friends list.
    New Trophies Sort Option: You can now sort Trophies by rarity in the Options menu.
    PlayStation Store Payment Support: Similar to PS3, we’re introducing Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) for PS4 for content purchased on PS Store, starting with PayPal support.
    More PlayStation Camera Commands: More voice commands are added to PlayStation Camera, allowing you to launch the apps installed on your PS4 with the sound of your voice.
    New PlayStation Plus Icon: For Plus members, you’ll now have the PS Plus icon appear next to your SEN ID on the login screen, home screen and other areas across the PS4 system’s sleek user interface.
    Music Unlimited SHARE Options: With a Music Unlimited subscription, you can easily share your favorite songs with your friends by pressing the SHARE button on your DUALSHOCK 4.

PlayStation Vita v3.15 Update

    PS4 Link Update for Remote Play: Linking your PS4 and PS Vita together will now be easier with the 3.15 update for PS Vita. It’ll enable Automatic Device Registration, which will automatically detect and pair both systems when they’re both online and the same user is signed in to both devices. This makes it even quicker for you to get started on Remote Play or access other second screen features.

PlayStation App v1.70 Update

    Push Notifications, Friend Requests and More: This new PlayStation app update will give you the option to receive Push Notifications for select PS4 updates you want to receive, such as gameplay Invitations, Game Alerts or Friend Requests. You can also receive Friend Requests via email or text messages with the app update. Also, it’s now easier to change your profile picture right from your mobile device by uploading an image from your photo library, or taking a photo using your in-device camera.

GU Reporter / Spelunky, Nidhogg, other indie games coming to the PS4.
« on: April 30, 2014, 06:12:34 PM »
Straight out of the PlayStation indie showcase, Sony and several independent developers have announced a wealth of video game titles for the PlayStation 4 video game system. Several of these titles, including Spelunky, are also cross-buy and/or a free upgrade for any previous owners. Be sure to check out the individual announcements below for more information.

Hello, past, present, and future Spelunky fans! I’ll keep it short and simple: Spelunky is coming to PS4!

We’re once again teaming up with BlitWorks, who did a great job on bringing the game to PS3 and PS Vita. For PS4, we want to do even more — like bump up the graphics to 1080p, let players upload replays to the leaderboards, add more social features to the Daily Challenge, and otherwise take advantage of the PS4′s unique hardware.

I attribute a lot of Spelunky’s success to sharing and streaming, and since the PS4 is built in great part around those ideas, we want to make sure that we do everything we can to support that culture! Let us know in the comments if there’s anything else you’d like to see us add.

If you already bought Spelunky on PS3 and Vita, thank you so much! You’ll also own the game on PS4 when it comes out, since we’re including it as part of cross buy. But if you don’t have it on console yet, the PS4 version launch would be a great time to see what it’s all about, since you’ll also get the game on PS3 and PS Vita!

Jamestown Plus
Ironclad Tactics
Skulls of the Shogun
Escape Goat 2
Axiom Verge
Starwhal: Just the Tip

GU Reporter / News: PS4 1.70 Firmware due out next week
« on: April 24, 2014, 02:34:58 PM »
PlayStation Greece's Facebook account has accidentally let slip that the new firmware for the PlayStation 4, which includes video editing tools, HD streaming, and HDCP removal, will be due out next week. The posting has since been removed, but was picked up by reddit and


Following today's maintenance it appears that the previously unavailable Crash and Spyro games for the PlayStation are finally downloadable to the Vita handheld. If you own the PS1 Classics version of any of these games, feel free to give it a whirl now!

Thanks NeoGAF and Twitter for the news.

EDIT: It appears this was in error, as Sony has removed the ability to download these titles now. Sucks.

Perhaps not to be outdone by Sony, Microsoft announced today that over five million units have been shipped to retailers. Sales are up 60% over the Xbox 360 in this same time period. With 110,00 units sold in March alone and an attach rate of three games per system, it doesn't look like either of the two next generation consoles show any signs of slowing down.

The NPD group also announced that Titanfall is the #1 selling game of March for Xbox One and PC, with Infamous: Second Son and South Park: The Stick of Truth occupying second and third place.

Source: Xbox.

GU Reporter / News: PS4 hits 7 million sold globally.
« on: April 16, 2014, 11:05:52 PM »
Sony announced today on the US PlayStation Blog that the PlayStation 4 has now sold over 7 million globally, with over twenty million copies of software sold at retail and in the PlayStation Store. Additionally, PlayStation's Social Media Manager Sid Shuman hinted at an update regarding the latest firmware update for the PS4 console, with new news expected soon.

Source: PS Blog

GU Reporter / News: Minecraft PS3 edition is coming to retail.
« on: April 16, 2014, 12:34:26 PM »
Mojang announced today that the PS3 edition of Minecraft will be hitting retail stores on May 16th for $19.99. The PS3 version was developed by 4J Studios and contains all the same features of the other console versions, including four player split screen co-op as well as online play.

Source: PS Blog.

GU Reporter / Review: Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends.
« on: April 16, 2014, 12:20:00 PM »
Developer: Omega Force
Publisher: Koei
Release Date: March 25, 2014
Price: $59.99
       The Dynasty Warriors franchise has been around for a fairly long time, starting out as Sangoku Musou on the original PlayStation console as a one-on-one fighter. Eventually becoming the massive beat-em-up action game we known today as Shin Sangoku Musou (Dynasty Warriors 2) on the PlayStation 2. It should come as no surprise, then, that one of Koei's most successful franchises has quickly found itself a release on Sony's newest console: The PlayStation 4.

       Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends, for the PS3, PS4, and PS Vita; is an updated version of the original Dynasty Warriors 8 released for the PlayStation 3. The game is a loose retelling of the Chinese novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", which details a partially historical and partially mythical take on the era following the end of the Han Dynasty. The basic gameplay premise is fairly simple; you pick from one of nearly 100 playable characters, head out into the battlefield, and beat the ever living daylights out of dozens of enemies that are trying to stop you. Along the way you'll take on officers and commanders, level up your characters, acquire new weapons, skills, and equipment, and see Ancient China united under one of three kingdoms.


       At a glance, the premise seems pretty simple, and hearkens back to classic arcade style beat-em-ups such as Double Dragon, Final Fight, and Streets of Rage. Under it all however is a surprisingly complex system backed up thanks to a number of supporting mechanics. Each playable character may bring into the battlefield two weapons of their choosing, each with own affinity towards one of three properties. Countering enemy officers with the appropriate weapon affinity will allow you to break their defenses and deal devastating area wide attacks to all enemies on field. Likewise, taking the wrong weapon to the enemy will find you at a stalemate or even having your own defenses broken. Each of the different weapons also comes with additional skills called "Elements", which provide passive benefits, and offer further customization. New weapons can be earned by defeating enemy officers and clearing stages. A morale system keeps track of how your own soldiers are fighting, and increases or decreases as you and your enemy capture bases and defeat each others officers, and a friend may join in for some epic co-operative action.

       Xtreme Legends has an extensive amount of gameplay modes, some returning from the original Dynasty Warriors 8, others are brand new to the expansion. Story mode lets you play as one of the three kingdoms, or follow the story of notorious warrior Lu Bu. Each story mode has number of hidden objectives, stages, and even entire story routes as you progress. Free mode lets you select a warrior of your choosing and fight on any stage that has been previously completed with all new objectives unique to this specific mode. Challenge mode, unique to the Xtreme Legends expansion, lets you try your might at several short but specific objective modes. And Ambition mode has you take on the task of building the Tonquetai Tower and later uniting all of China in a roleplaying-esque style gameplay mode. Nearly all of these gameplay modes can be played solo, or a friend can join up and tackle the battlefields of china locally, or online across the various systems in the PlayStation family.


       Not all is perfect in the land of Ancient China however. The game attempts to run at a high resolution of 1080p on the PlayStation 4 version, with an equally high framerate of 60 frames per second. However it rarely ever succeeds at consistently hitting the high standards. Frequent framerate drops are common, with the game hovering closer to 30 frames per second in the middle of action, sometimes dropping even lower. Fire and other special effects tend to drop the framerate even lower. Likewise, the Playstation Vita version in particular has difficulty maintaining a decent framerate. To add insult to injury, a rather noticeable depth of field effect plagues the entire screen on the PlayStation 4 release, blurring what would otherwise make for an impressive looking game, with no way to turn it off.


       Online options are not much better, with all the various online modes scattered across the different menus with no accurate indication of how many people may or may not be playing a specific gameplay mode. Expect to search every different menu looking around for the mode you wish to play, only to discover that there may not be any games being played. The only way to find out is to queue up. Worse, the cross-platform multiplayer advertised doesn't always work, particularly in regards to PS3 and PS4 users playing together.

       It is also not unusual to see a variety of glitches occurs during the course of gameplay. Water and other textures glitching out on the Vita version. Those of you who wish to stream using the PlayStaion 4 will find your viewers with no audio at all. Online Play doesn't always keep players in sync, resulting in one player or another hitting at enemy officers that have already been finished off by another player. Sometimes, although rare, optional objectives or even the main objective will glitch out, forcing the players playing the game with no choice but to restart the stage and pray that whatever caused the glitch doesn't occur again. With stages lasting up to 30 minutes or more, this can potentially ruin a long gameplay session.


       A shame then, that all these technical issues hurt and weaken the experience, because Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends is not a bad game. Far from it, even. There's an incredible amount of value included in this single package, well worth the asking price. You could easily get a hundred hours of gameplay out of this title or more just completing each stage casually. Veteran fans of the franchise will know what to expect from this latest installment, but others may wish to consider if the technical issues can be overlooked before throwing down their hard earned money. 
The Good:
 +Gameplay is as tight as ever for the franchise.
 +An impressive amount of enemies displayed at once.
 +Awesome soundtrack and fairly decent voice acting for the scope and size of the game.
 +An impressive amount of stages, gameplay modes, and characters.

The Bad:
 -Minor technical issues all over.
 -Poor framerate on all platforms, weird Depth of Field effect on the PS4.
 -Online options are disorganized and don't always work.
 -Some rare, but major game stopping bugs.
 -No audio when streaming on the PlayStation 4.

Rating: Three out of Five


Square-Enix announced in a press release that over two million accounts have been registered for Final Fantasy XIV. Following a disastrous original launch for PC, Square-Enix has done an impressive job turning the game around, complete with full re-launch and two major content patches. The game just launched on PlayStation 4 for $39.99, and is available as well for PC and PlayStation 3 for $29.99 with a $12.99 starting price for monthly subscriptions. You can read more about the latest patch, "Through the Maelstrom", here.

Source: Press release.

GU Reporter / News: April system update for the Xbox One rolls out
« on: April 15, 2014, 09:19:47 AM »
Xbox's Major Nelson announced on his blog that the April system update for the Xbox One would be rolling out last night. Check below for a list of new features, straight from the Major himself

Game and app saves and updates. A game save progress bar will show you the status of your game saves. You will also be able to easily tell what games and apps are being updated or have been updated recently.

Friends improvements. Notifications will be added to see when favorites and friends sign in to Xbox Live. This was one of the most frequently requested features, so we made it a priority to include it in this update. Also, friends who are in multiplayer will be identified in the friends list.

Kinect voice and motion improvements will continue to be fine-tuned for quality and reliability of Xbox One commands. For example, we’ve updated some of the gesture functionality to reduce false positives on non-hand objects triggering gesture commands.

Improved GameDVR video quality through compression algorithm improvements.

Blu-ray player supports 50 Hz video output for content recorded at 50 Hz. We’ll also be updating the Blu-ray Player app in the coming days to round out these improvements.

Controller and headset adaptor firmware updates will reduce audio static and improve wireless connectivity.

Silent reboot after system updates and system update on demand now available. If your console is in Instant On mode, the update will happen automatically and return to standby upon completion. This means you won’t need to power on your console after an update moving forward. If you want to take future updates when available without waiting for your console to do it on its own, we’ve added this option under system settings and you’ll be able to use it next update. It will only show as available when there is an update to take.

Source: Xbox Live's Major Nelson

Several new announcements for the PS Vita handheld system were made today. The first is that Housemarque's top-down shoot em up, Dead Nation, will be coming to the PS Vita tomorrow afternoon. Anyone who owns the PS3 version of Dead Nation will able to download the Vita version free, courtesy of Sony's cross-buy promotional offer. New buyers can purchase Dead Nation for $7.99 starting tomorrow, as well as the DLC expansion Road of Devastation for $3.99

Source: PS Blog.

Sony also announced today that the Japanese Vita RPG "Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke 2", will be coming over to western markets as "Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines." The Japanese roleplaying game takes place in ancient Japan as you play as a clan that is cursed to live with a maximum lifespan of only two years. Your goal is to enlist the help of the gods and try to find a way to release the curse. No release date was announced.

Lastly, Sony also announced that the Monster Hunter-esque actiong RPGs Soul Sacrifice Delta and Freedom Wars would be arriving this year on western shores. No release date for Freedom Wars was given, with May 14th for Soul Sacrifice Delta. You may watch the announcement trailer for Soul Sacrifice here and the Freedom Wars announcement trailer here.

Source: PS Blog Europe. PS Blog NA.

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